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Steak perfection: BLT Prime, Trump International Hotel, Washington, DC

WASHINGTON: The Old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue offered a cacophony of noise, bad food court smells and sweaty tourists. That changed in 2016 when the historic building was transformed into the Trump International Hotel. Today, the large, serene atrium lobby is awash in shades of cream and blue, with light bouncing off hundreds of crystal ...

From burgers to baseball, spending 72 hours in Tulsa, Oklahoma

TULSA — Oil city. Metropolitan. Diversity. Culture. Route 66. History. Just a few of the adjective that comes to mind when thinking about the great city of Tulsa Oklahoma. Known for its wild Tornadoes, the state of Oklahoma has a lot going for it and much of that is found in Tulsa. While you may ...

72 hours in Oklahoma City: What to eat, see and do

SEATTLE:  Oklahoma City, a thriving cattle town, has blossomed into being a central hub of industry in the state it was named after. Even though we may conjure up images of tornadoes, cowboys, and farmland, this city has a great deal going for it in 2018. It still has industries of oil and natural gas ...

Boise, Idaho: Ten reasons to love the sweet and savory food scene

BOISE:  Like many modern American cities, Boise is a desirable place to live, especially when it comes to its thriving food culture. From trendy restaurants to sidewalk bistros to cookie shops to eclectic eateries, this city is attracting visitors who love to have fun, eat, and explore the City of Trees.  Sweet and savory, Boise, Idaho ...

72 hours in Wichita, Kansas: Things to do, places to eat, fun to have during

WICHITA: Regarded by many as a fly-over-state, Kansas has a great deal going for it, both as a place to live and certainly one you should consider visiting. There are some things that are just Wichita true.  Like a farmer’s rough-skinned hand-shake that tells the story of life in The Wheat State. A warm greeting from a ...

Ann Arbor, Michigan, Best restaurants in Ann Arbor

The definitive list of the nine best restaurants in Ann Arbor, Michigan

ANN ARBOR: Ann Arbor, Michigan has evolved into much more than your average college town. With a bustling international community, there’s a thriving independent business scene as well as fantastic cuisine. Here’s are nine best restaurants in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Taste Kitchen – It’s difficult to peg the food chef and owner Danny Van puts ...

Primm, Boulder City, Mesquite, Nevada.

Primm, Boulder City, and Mesquite: Three hot, cool to visit Nevada destinations

There is another part of Southern Nevada, undiscovered by many, that defies expectations for the intrepid traveler. Despite the warm desert climate, Primm, Boulder City, and Mesquite are off the chart for their coolness factor, offering everything from helicopter tours of Hoover Dam to unexpected culinary delights.

Graduate Hotels, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Travel

Five reasons to love The Graduate Hotel, Ann Arbor, Michigan

College towns often offer vibrant environments filled with great food, art, and history.  The latest Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor has found a home in such an area.  Not only is the location beautiful during all four seasons, it offers plenty to do

Visit Livermore Valley, one of California’s oldest wine growing regions

SEATTLE, April 6, 2018 — Livermore Valley, only 25 minutes from the Oakland airport yet it may as well be hundreds of miles away from anywhere – at least in the mindset of most wine lovers. Napa, Sonoma and Paso Robles grab most of the mind share when it comes to many wine lovers. However, ...

Grand Junction, Colorado: Snow, dinosaurs, and bananas

Escape the house and visit the perfect winter playground, Grand Junction, Colorado. This hidden gem of a city offers an exodus from boredom with opportunities for skiing, digging, jumping, climbing, and exploring.