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Seventy-Two Hours at Hotel Ketchum – the heart of Sun Valley, Idaho

IDAHO — Sun Valley, Idaho is a celebrity playground.  At the heart of the Sun Valley is the city of Ketchum, with the Friedman Memorial Airport a short 15-minute drive away, making it easy to get there. Ketchum has been home to such notables as Ernest Hemingway, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Willis. The reason? Simple. It ...

Yangzi River, China, Travel

Adventure in China: Those hazy, lazy, Yangzi River days

WASHINGTON: Early one Saturday morning in Wuchang, Hubei Province, during the Communist Party chairmanship of Hu Yaobang, I decided to explore the southern bank of the Yangzi River.  A moderate-sized, late 20th-century vessel decked out like an early 15th century Ming Dynasty sailing ship was berthed there. I had seen the ship from the bridge ...