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Central America

Central America, or Mesoamerica, is an easily over looked bridge of land between Southern Mexico and South America that contains 7% of the world’s extreme bio-diversity and a rich history going back to 10,000, and some feel up to 40,000 B.C.

Nicaragua: Undiscovered Paradise

NICARAGUA, January 6, 2013  — While Nicaragua is still refining its tourism infrastructure and service, it is poised to re-introduce itself and share its natural treasures with the world. Recovering from years of civil war and a major earthquake in 1972 that caused widespread damage in Managua, Nicaragua has seen its share of toil. Now, ...

Belize | Caye Caulker: Caribbean sea, intimate island – part II

A trip to the Belize Barrier Reef is on the schedule as is time just sitting at the “split,” a spot designed to inspire, one can easily imagine one of the beat generation poets, enjoying the romantic view of the shallow, turquoise waters that intersects the island.