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YouTube, Censorship, Big TEch

YouTube and the manipulation of the news through censorship

ILLINOIS:  Those who watch YouTube for both entertainment and information may not be aware of all of the hoops conservative content developers have to jump through to meet their ever-changing community standards.  Two hot-button topics these days include the 2020 Presidential Election Audits and COVID-19.  Say the wrong thing and you will get a temporary ...

President Donald J. Trump, Melania Trump, white House, Senate, House

Republicans and the long bumpy road back to the White House in 2024

FLORIDA: Can President Trump retake the White House in 2024? The chances of that grow smaller every passing day. However there is a road that just might lead Republicans returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue once again, and that road leads through the House of Representatives. As crazy as this seems, conservatives best hope of retaking ...

Ceniceros, 3/5, Marine AFghanistan, Video

Marine LCpl. Irvin Ceniceros, a ‘lion warrior’ of the 3/5 in Sangin ( video)

SAN DIEGO: Every day is Memorial Day for heroes like U.S. Marine Lance Corporal (LCpl.) Irvin Ceniceros. Ceniceros, with machine gun blazing, saved many Marine lives in Sangin, Afghanistan in 2010. Just before he succumbed to a Taliban bullet. It was a most deadly era of fighting with mounting losses heavy burdens to bear. Ceniceros, ...