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A, Biden, Church

Al Goodwyn Cartoon: The church is questioning Biden’s abortion hypocrisy

WASHINGTON:  Joe Biden has been a catastrophic failure on the domestic, international, and moral stage. Biden always claimed he was a pro-life democrat not supporting the Hyde Amendment a bipartisan rider that has prevented the direct public funding of abortion for decades.  Catholic Church leaders are now questioning if abortion proponents should be given the ...

fox, ivory hecker, censorship

Ivory Hecker: Is Fox 26 Houston censoring journalists speaking the truth?

HOUSTON:  It happened again, but his time with a different outcome.  This story is similar to the time ABC’s Amy Rohbach had a story killed in 2016 on pedophile Jeff Epstein.  A young female news journalist went rouge when she had enough of her Fox 26 Houston’s censorship.  She claims she was only trying to ...

SCOTUS, ACA, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare

SCOTUS rejects ACA challenge as Democrats celebrate an empty victory

LOS ANGELES, June 17, 2021 — In a somewhat surprising decision, the United States Supreme Court upheld the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act by a wider margin than before. In dismissing the challenge to the Affordable Care Act the law remains intact. Democrats are celebrating that the SCOTUS ruling saves health care coverage ...