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suicides, iran

Iran Update: Eighty-Four Suicides in Just One Day in Tehran

According to the Harana News Agency, 84 people committed suicide in Tehran in just one day. At least 12 of them were successful and lost their lives. Suicide attempts are committed through various methods, including self-harm, hanging, general intoxication, drug poisoning, and involving children to middle-aged people. According to the report, this number of suicide ...

UFO, Government, Nevada

Are recent UFO revelations a diversion for something much worse?

WASHINGTON. In 1986, a UFO fell from the sky northeast of Bakersfield, California. It crashed into a high, rugged, 4,100-foot peak of the Sierra Nevada range, touching off a blaze. Soon thereafter, the US government established a news blackout and declared the airspace above the crash site “a national security area.” As the Los Angeles ...