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Predatory priests in that age of political correctness: “Let us prey”

WASHINGTON. In the 1970s, Gilbert Gauthe was a predatory priest. He was very interested in young boys. Gauthe would arrange camping trips where, at gunpoint, he forced the youngsters to have sex with him and each other. He would confess to molesting 300 boys and was later sentenced to 20 years in prison for his crimes. ...

Labor Day BBQ: Meat, Beer, and Wine – what you need to know

WASHINGTON:  The summer BBQ season officially begins with Memorial Day, and ends with Labor Day. And every good barbecue begins with meat.  And those in the know realize that not all meat is equal.  As consumers become more aware that the value of a piece of prime beef is more than a price point, they ...

Sen . John McCain

Sen. John McCain: God measures a great man by his Faith

FLOWER MOUND, TX: With the passing of Sen. John McCain (1936-2018), America has lost a modern-day patriot. The Senator from Arizona ran for President, losing twice, but always gently speaking his message. Until he was pushed the wrong way, and then the fire would spark and tough talk would begin. He gained the mantle “Maverick” for his willingness to vote ...

give a stranger

When all you have to give a stranger is $20 and a bottle of water

FROM THE ROAD: The man sat on the curb in front of the convenience store/gas station. It was right off the ramp from the interstate in Alabama. We had just had lunch at a Subway restaurant down the street and stopped at this place before getting back to Interstate 59 North.  My wife and son ...

Purple Reign: Healthy grilled eggplant for a summer cookout

SAN DIEGO: A member of the nightshade family, the eggplant is related to both the tomato and potato and is used as a vegetable.  Profusely purple eggplant is common in North America and is healthy and delicious. Its rich, savory flavor makes it a perfect substitute in dishes like eggplant parmesan (instead of chicken), diced for ...

Is Israel’s new Nation-State law a retreat from Democracy

Israel's new Nation-State law is, as Prime Minister Netanyahu declares, a "defining moment" for Israel, it is, sadly, defining itself as something other than a Western-style democracy. It is turning its back on Jewish moral and it's ethical tradition.

Religion vs. Christianity, Bible's Role in Faith

Practicing Religion vs Christianity: The Bible’s role in faith

Are Christians being less authentic to their faith if they want a hearing on the Bible’s reliability for speaking as a legitimate source for truth? The Bible is not a strawman that can be used to summarily dismiss when discussing evolution—atheistic or theistic.

Toyota bolsters its Prius line up with the Two Eco and Prime models

SEATTLE, July 22, 2018 — There’s no question that the Prius has been the butt of many jokes via Social Media but there’s also no question about its success. It ushered in the hybrid market in a way that hadn’t been done before. Additionally, its body styling has been rather polarizing but that hasn’t stopped ...

The Language of God, Francis Collin, Donald L. Brake

The Language of God: Francis Collins, Christian evolutionists new voice

FLOWER MOUND, TX: Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D., physician-geneticist and the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Washington D.C., has become a Christian voice for a new generation of theistic evolutionists. In his book, The Language of God, Francis Collins attempts to harmonize Christianity with evolution. While theistic evolution has been around for ...

What you need to know about skin cancer this summer

SAN DIEGO, July 17, 2018– Americans delight in the abundance of outdoor activities they have access to in the summer months. However, with all that sun, comes some serious risks. Learning some beneficial tips can possibly help you to impede skin cancer this season. SKIN CANCER IS THE MOST PREVALENT FORM OF CANCER One in ...