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The celebrity diet: Eating for the Oscars is an art

LOS ANGELES, February 19, 2014-The Oscars are on Sunday, and for actresses’ it’s all about fitting into that dress. So what do they eat in preparation? Eating for the camera is an art.  Actors and actresses usually have a team of people to help them plan out a regimen leading up to the event.  It’s ...

Valentine’s Day recipes: Lobster, lobster boil, lobster-pumpkin risotto

LOS ANGELES, February 11, 2014 — The most important ingredient when cooking for someone on Valentine’s Day is LOVE, but a dish like fresh lobster will leave that special someone hungry for more. Here is the skinny on lobsters so you look like a pro if you take the challenge of cooking them: How to ...

The right rice

Los Angeles, February 10, 2014- For more than 8,000 years the world has been consuming rice. It’s one of the most versatile and widely used grains across the board. It can be used in almost any style of cooking by adding seasonings, broths or ingredients.  Rice can become a perfect side dish, main course or ...

The Kyocera Santoku Ceramic Knife and Y-peeler set

The Santoku Ceramic knife set includes a ceramic 5.5” blade knife and a Y-peeler. Both the knife and peeler allow foods to be peeled with precision and leave cut food without discoloration or the smell of remnant ingredients.