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Memorial Day

Gettysburg, Lincoln, Civil War, Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Remembering the soldiers that died for America

SAN JOSE: Memorial Day was born from tragedy. The loss of some 620,000 men and boys, dying in the ashes of the American Civil War is tragic. The incredibly painful experience of the nation’s loss on such a massive scale causing the Veteran’s Association to provide a practical means for the families and survivors to ...

Summer BBQ season: It begins with meat

It is officially the Summer Barbecue Season and that means meat, steak and ribs, on the grill. But it takes more than just hot coals and Baby Ray's. It takes knowing where to buy your meat - the local supermarket or an online group like Meat the Butchers.

Remembering America’s fallen heroes on Memorial Day

SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2018 — The United States will honor those who served and gave their life protecting this great nation on Memorial Day, Monday May 28, 2018. Origins of Memorial Day observances Memorial Day originally known as Decoration Day, it was first celebrated in 1868 following the end of the Civil War, as ...

Vinaigrette coleslaw; perfect for pot-luck and parties

FORT WORTH, Texas. — There are almost as many recipes to make coleslaw as there are people. As long as it contains the base vegetable, cabbage, pretty much anything else goes. Indeed, they range from savory to sweet. The base can be mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk, or vinegar. But where did it come from? How ...