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Dixie, Texas, Conservative, Domenech

Ben Domenech: Flashing Federalism Deep in Dixie, Fools only Fools

TEXAS: The conservative wannabees or ersatz conservatives or whatever, love to denigrate the South.  Many Southerners allow them such slights. I don’t. It has always been an amazing feature of the “naming class” taxonomists to cover a true thought with a misnomer of fact. There are many examples, but one struck me recently as I ...

National Anthem, America, Star Spangled Banner

Dear mother: I have not yet begun to lose the fight for America’s soul

TEXAS: The fight for America’s soul is over. There are no troops understanding why they have lost. The few who attempted to fight have been overrun or corrupted by mother earth. Only the few who were willing to fight ever understood the difference between The National Anthem and The Star-Spangled Banner They will continue to ...