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Articles about the world’s history

Memorial Day, Solemnity,

The purpose behind Memorial Day. A lesson in solemnity for all

FLORIDA: This is Memorial Day weekend yet no one seems to remember what that day really symbolizes. Begun in the wake of the Civil War, when a few southern ladies decorated the graves of Union soldiers buried far away from their mothers, sisters, fathers, and brothers, it demonstrated our commonality rather than our differences. Sadly ...

Good Friday, Easter, Jesus Christ, Al Goodwyn

Good Friday: A day to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s rebirth

Good Friday. The second in a trilogy of holy days making up Easter Week, (Psalm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter itself) the purpose of Good Friday is lost on many. Lost in the sea of confusion and politically charged rhetoric is the Easter message itself Intended to bring people together, rather than apart, and to ...

Celebrating the brave pioneers of Women’s History Month

SAN DIEGO,  March 9, 2021–Once freedom has been fought and won, those who now benefit could be unaware of how it came into being, something we should be reminded of on Women’s History Month. Celebrating Women’s History Month Throughout the month of March, there is great time to thank countless women of all ages and ...