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What we need to know from about ourselves and our world

Hope is the sunshine of the soul

Adversity can be overwhelming and it is easy to get swept up in a feeling of hopelessness, but like the cherry blossom- a symbol of new birth, you endure the harshness of the cold and emerge anew.

Battling ALS at the “Monster’s Ball”

It was only as I was attempting to eat dinner one night that I realized my previous incarnations were inaccurate. I have now come to the realization that the inability to stretch my arms outward or to lift them properly is not a human quality but that of a prehistoric animal.

Rethinking aging in the New Year

Loneliness is not more common in old people, cognitive decline is not inevitable, and creative ability may actually improve over time.

California ignites a match for Prop 56

Proposition 56, known as a statewide ballot initiative aimed at funding healthcare, tobacco use prevention, research and law enforcement, is attempting to do just that.