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What we need to know from about ourselves and our world

The (spiritual) limits to technology

As technology improves, so too will our ability to understand the spiritual intelligence that leads to improved physical bodies and divinely inspired lives.

Battling ALS with a guy named ‘Murphy’

By midweek, my arm still hurt and the bruises had not gone away, so I decided to go to the VA for an x-ray. It was at this point the Keystone Kops and the Three Stooges began operating the asylum.


Cyber boot camp creates superheroes of the future

SAN DIEGO, June 26, 2017 — Millions of American teens plan to spend the summer enjoying the adventure of their favorite superheroes at the movie theater, in video games, or in graphic novels. A select few will spend part of their summer becoming superheroes themselves in real life: cyber superheroes ready to defend against hackers ...