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Purple Reign: Healthy grilled eggplant for a summer cookout

SAN DIEGO: A member of the nightshade family, the eggplant is related to both the tomato and potato and is used as a vegetable.  Profusely purple eggplant is common in North America and is healthy and delicious. Its rich, savory flavor makes it a perfect substitute in dishes like eggplant parmesan (instead of chicken), diced for ...

Voices of the Empire - VoE

Eastwest’s Voices of the Empire: New software instrument review

Eastwest’s Voices of the Empire (VoE) is available both as stand-alone software and as part of Eastwest’s cloud subscription service. While we are generally not fans of cloud based services in this column, Eastwest is an exception. Their subscription package is absolutely the best deal on the market.

Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man passes away

NEW YORK: Steve Ditko, the man who co-wrote “Spider-Man” has died at the age of 90. Spider-Man ended up becoming one of the most famous comic book superheroes of all time. The Washington Post reported that Ditko’s characters turned him into one of the most “innovative artists in the world of comics.” Ditko died June 29. Creating ...

Spider-Man co-creator and comic artist Steve Ditko dead at 90

Steve Ditko never became a household name, shadowed by the larger-than-life Stan Lee. However, Ditko's body of work includes classic Spider-Man characters as Doctor Octopus, Sandman, the Lizard and Green Goblin and a personal favorite Dr. Strange.

Celebrate Independence Day with a berry flag cake (Recipe)

Show your patriotism this Fourth of July with a berry flag cake! Adorned with fresh organic blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, and made with healthy ingredients, guests will certainly salute the hostess who adorns the dessert table with the United States’ symbol of freedom.