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Rubenstein Family Organ’s fabulous Kennedy Center debut

WASHINGTON, November 29, 2012 – This past Tuesday, the Kennedy Center celebrated the concluding chapter of its extensive Concert Hall renovation saga. At least as far as pipe organ aficionados were concerned. For, on Tuesday evening, the Hall’s brand new Rubenstein Family Organ was at last unveiled in a jam-packed free concert event featuring the ...

Who is John Galt? Atlas Shrugged.

In Atlas Shrugged part one, devotees of author Ayn Rand finally get to hear the question, “Who is John Galt?” at their local movieplex

Blu-ray review: Daltrey is Tommy

Now available in Blu-ray, "Tommy" is not quite a high-def darling but is still one of the best drug-free trips available for home-entertainment music fans.

Artist interview: Jason T. Wright’s passions in life

The world is filled with artists. Some of them demand our attention. Jason Wright is an artist who demands our attention, whose passion for life speaks boldly from the panels on which he paints. There is a depth in his landscape series that opens one to a new vision. There is a starkness, a visceral impact. Spend time listening to ...

Blu-ray review: Hillary Swank is Amelia

Amelia, puts actress Hillary Swank into the role of the aviatrix Amelia Earhart and the Oscar winner ably manages to bring the woman we know through Movietone and press reels to life.

Blu-ray review: The Wrestler

Watching Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler” it almost seems as though one is watching a very intimate documentary detailing many of the less then glamorous realities of life on the mat.

HD-DVD review: Blade Runner Complete Collector’s Edition

Blade Runner: Complete Collector's Edition is the definitive, final, final, final version (I'm serious) of director Ridley Scott's grim 1982 sci-fi homage to Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" At least that is what is being said.