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America’s worst presidential debate until the next debate

LOS ANGELES, September 26, 2016 — While the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints were playing a thrilling Monday Night Football contest, the worst presidential debate in American political history was taking place. While the Louisiana Superdome was inspired by hero Steve Gleason on the tenth anniversary of football’s greatest blocked punt, politics brought ...

Trump vs. Clinton debate could trigger Hofstra Snowflakes

WASHINGTON, September 26, 2016 – In the run-up to Monday evening’s first of three scheduled debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Hofstra University—which is hosting tonight’s event—has wisely intervened to protect any delicate, easily frightened students unwittingly attending this live, televised political face off. It is entirely possible that Hofstra students may be exposed ...

Gut check: Scott Adams goes all-in for Donald Trump

“Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams, a former Hillary supporter, nails it: Clinton policy details meant “to mislead, not to inform.” It's Washingtonspeak vs. a seasoned business exec and negotiator, Hillary and Lester Holt vs. The Donald.

The Clinton-media conspiracy

Hillary Clinton, her physician and the mainstream media have lied to the American people about the health of the Democratic candidate for president. So, where’s the real conspiracy?