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Wuhan, Lab, Fauci, SkyNews, Fox

“What really happened in Wuhan?” – Sky News Hits Fauci with a MOAB

WASHINGTON: Australia’s Sky News is about to drop the mother of all bombs on Dr. Anthony Fauci for his involvement in the Wuhan (China) Lab of Virology. Their attack is coming in both an evening television news documentary to air Monday, September 20th, as well as a new book. The news documentary ‘What Really Happened ...

Digital Immersion Gallaey, TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary, Canada

Explore Every Second at the TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary

CALGARY, CA:  For this traveler, Calgary, Canada is a top-ten travel destination.  And it just got better with the exhibit Every Second at the Digital Immersion Gallary at the TELUS Spark Science Center. Calgary, located in the western Canadian province of Alberta, is Canada’s fourth-largest city. It is picturesquely set where the prairies end and ...

Milley, Peril, Treason, Trump

“Peril” has Americans asking is Gen. Mark Milley the enemy within?

WASHINGTON: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark Milley may have crossed the line over his hatred of President Donald Trump.   The word ‘may’ is used here as these are allegations from the newly released book ‘Peril.’ (Woodward and Costa, Simon and Shuster). The book is scheduled for public release on September ...

Home, Going Home,

Americans trapped in Afghanistan: What it means to go home

TEXAS: Right now the news is filled with the idea of getting Americans, and the Afghanis who helped Americans, home. Our leadership says American’s are not stranded in the sand. But they can’t get home. A contemporary author whose books I have read more than once, Dr. James Everett Kibler, writes keenly on home and ...

Dixie, Texas, Conservative, Domenech

Ben Domenech: Flashing Federalism Deep in Dixie, Fools only Fools

TEXAS: The conservative wannabees or ersatz conservatives or whatever, love to denigrate the South.  Many Southerners allow them such slights. I don’t. It has always been an amazing feature of the “naming class” taxonomists to cover a true thought with a misnomer of fact. There are many examples, but one struck me recently as I ...