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stock buybacks, Trump is wrong

ETF World: Restructuring an ailing retail investor’s portfolio

Our ultimate aim is to gradually restructure our investment portfolios. The concept we decided to employ, at least experimentally, is what we’ll call ETF Perestroika. It all unfolds in today's investment climate, an environment we might best define as ETF World.

Amazon Prime Day fiasco, Netflix new subscriber tally fail.

Amazon Prime Day less than amazing; ditto Netflix new subscriber tally

Online shoppers hit Amazon’s Amazon Prime Day promotion hard. The stampede caused the company's retail website to experience serious connectivity issues Monday. Also on Monday, Netflix reported great profit numbers after the closing bell. But the Netflix new subscriber tally disappointed Wall Street. Badly.

Amazing Amazon plus Trump - Putin confab and Turkish currency crisis

Amazing Amazon surges, markets obsess over Trump – Putin confab

Amazing Amazon (AMZN) is burning up the charts this morning as the retail and cloud behemoth gears up for its 4th annual “Prime Day” discount fest. Aside from some nervousness over today's Trump-Putin Helsinki confab, this news should help the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ. 

Bond outlook steady near-term as stocks continue to bungee jump

2018's bond market weirdness led us to read a variety of articles and studies analyzing this boring sector. The most puzzling thing about the bond outlook for at least the next two quarters involves bonds' recent, downright odd stability in terms of yield.

see-saw stock markets and tariff terrors

See-saw stock markets quickly forget Wednesday’s tariff terrors

WASHINGTON. In our heads, we’re hearing our favorite old song again. When it comes to post-November 2016 see-saw stock markets, “What a Difference a Day Makes” seems to be Wall Street’s official song. Wednesday, traders in this summer’s see-saw stock markets seemed terrified by the latest tariff terrors President Trump dangled before a recalcitrant and unapologetic ...