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What you need to know to navigate the economy and your career. Edited by Terry Ponick

Trump: Reducing federal spending by freezing bureaucrat costs

WASHINGTON: For the most part, government employees are hardworking people who administer the various services that government, at all levels, provides. They deal with an often difficult public who insists that the government owes them something. And pleasing the entire public is nearly impossible. Then there are those that fall under the title Bureaucrat On the ...

Donald Trump is using the strength of US economic power

WASHINGTON: Unlike the prior administration who was more than willing to give away America’s wealth and power, President Trump understands US economic power. And he is using the wealth and power of the United States to the country’s full advantage. President Trump knows that since the US is holding all of the aces it is ...

Erdogan, Turkish lira

Under erratic Erdoğan, Turkish lira tanks, U.S. stock market follows

WASHINGTON. Back in the mid-19th century, the once-powerful Ottoman Empire tottered on the edge of economic ruin. John Russell, a two-time UK Prime Minister, termed that country a “sick man.” And that epithet stuck. With a little embellishment. Other political wits Christened the Empire “the sick man of Europe.” Today, under Turkey’s modern dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, ...