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What you need to know to navigate the economy and your career. Edited by Terry Ponick

Recession, Economic Growth

Forecasts of a US recession are wrong. The Trump economy will continue

WASHINGTON:  Many economists are forecasting that the US is close to entering a recession.  The recession could come in 2020 but some argue it could start as early as next year.  While there are a number of signs that point to that conclusion, a closer examination reveals that we are years away from a recession. ...

Reviewing your company policies in a competitive job market

WASHINGTON: Nothing compares to working for yourself. Not even the world’s greatest employer, Google is immune from criticism. Nearly 20,000 employees walked out to protest company policy related to misconduct. The reality is even in this quasi-surveillance state, employers can’t police everyone. Today, with employers competing for the best possible employees in a pro-job market, ...

Tax Cut 2.0: Economic policy must create new capital for expansion

WASHINGTON:  It appears that 2018 will be the first year since 2005 that annual economic growth will be at least 3%.  Considering the 13 year period of economic stagnation, 3% is welcome growth.  But growth could and should be higher.  Tax Cut 2.0 Economic policy should stimulate even higher rates of growth. The result of slow ...