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remarkable Donald Trump Atlanta Fed Q2 GDP

Atlanta Fed: Q2 GDP growth estimated at a whopping 4.5+ percent

Last week’s Q2 GDP estimate from the Atlanta Fed proved to be a real eye-opener. Though just a rolling estimate, this latest data dump by the Atlanta Fed would seem to indicate that at least in a business sense, President Trump’s MAGA Revolution is well underway.

National Anthem dispute: NFL policy decision finally gets it right

The players thought the league would go along with their demand that the NFL owners spend $90 million toward a partnership to fight social injustice. The players don’t appear to understand reality. But new NFL policy decision on player conduct during the National Anthem indicates that the owners do.

MJ: The latest news on marijuana stocks and a speculative ETF

The lure of marijuana stocks (and marijuana ETFs like MJ) is the possibility that this effectively UNcontrolled substance is a risk that, "for sure," will make speculators rich. The problem is that these stocks and ETFs are acutely prone to severe headline risk.