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US Stock Market Schedule for the MLK Jr Day Holiday

Written By | Jan 14, 2021
MLK Jr Day, stock market trading

Dr. Martin Luther King and Civil Rights leaders at the statue of Abraham Lincoln during their 1963 March on Washington. Image via USIA, now in the National Archives. US government image, public domain.

WASHINGTON – With all the political chaos and troop movements going on in Washington, D.C. these days, not to mention the increasingly ruinous COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s hard to remember little things like our national holidays and why we celebrate them. Case in point: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal holiday. MLK Jr Day celebrates the life and accomplishments of this heroic, breakthrough civil rights leader who was tragically assassinated in 1968. Before we cover how stock market trading hours are affected by the MLK Jr holiday, let’s remember who it is that we celebrate next Monday.

Many Americans have forgotten about what Dr King championed all his professional life

Many of us believe that if Dr King had lived, he would have concluded his career by successfully championing the American racial equality that genuinely patriotic and hard-working Americans increasingly came to support. King had always stressed that what he wanted and always championed was the equality of all men and women – not the kind of reverse Jim Crow nation that divisive radical Marxists support today.

But, sadly, with Dr King’s death, his ultimate aim seems to have been forgotten.

Today, we also seem to have forgotten why we celebrate our national holidays in general, MLK Jr Day included. We often regard them as just another happy day when we don’t have to go in to work. But after the increasing chaos and violence we experienced in many US cities throughout 2020, perhaps we all need to reflect once again on Dr King’s pursuit not of racial Balkanization but on the equality of all Americans, which includes equal rights and equal opportunity. We’re all in this together, though the media and the Silicon Valley Robber Barons want us to think otherwise.

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Looking ahead: Time to heed the cause gifted to us by Martin Luther King, Jr

Let’s all take a moment to ponder this on this year’s MLK Jr Day (January 18, 2021). At the same time, let’s also reflect on which way this nation will decide to head in the future. That’s important. At least half of America’s voting citizens currently feel disenfranchised due to the bizarre non-outcome of Election 2020. And with good reason. Deplatforming them, canceling them and denouncing them at every opportunity is not the way to go. That didn’t work for the anti-civil rights old guard in the 1950s and 1960s. It won’t work very well today, either. One learns from history, or one repeats it, often with worse results.

There is a way out of today’s increasingly violent political impasse. Dr King consistently showed us that way until his untimely death. He won his cause through nonviolence and persuasion. Sadly, the violent among us today still fail to acknowledge this. But reflecting on the career of Martin Luther King, Jr helps provide us with a more useful model that all Americans can follow.

And now, let’s take a look at how MLK Jr Day 2021 affects US equities trading action

Meanwhile, on a more mundane note, since Wall Street, Federally chartered banks and the Federal government, along with many state governments, are closed Monday to honor Dr King, trading hours and settlement days will change as well. Please note that settlement days for Thursday, January 14 (today) and Friday, January 15, will be affected by Monday’s holiday closing.

Here’s the schedule.

MLK Jr Day (and related) US stock market trading hours
Monday, January 18, 2021

All U.S. markets will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

There will be no pre-market or after hours trading.

Equity orders settle as follows:
Trade Date Settlement Date
Thursday, January 14, 2021 Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Friday, January 15, 2021 Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Canadian and International stock market trading

Canadian markets open as usual Monday, January 18, 2021. Same schedules also in place for international markets. To trade in these markets on Monday, check with your individual brokerage firm for your firm’s international trading arrangements, since these can differ.

— Headline image: Dr. Martin Luther King (bottom row, second from right) and Civil Rights leaders at the statue of Abraham Lincoln during their 1963 March on Washington. Image via USIA, now in the National Archives. US government image, public domain.


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