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Trump’s Truth Social: The ultimate Twitter antidote goes live. Sort of

Written By | Feb 22, 2022
Trump's Truth Social, Twitter antidote

Splash page for Truth Social Signup via uncredited Gateway Pundit image.

WASHINGTON – The Gateway Pundit confirmed Sunday afternoon that the first green shoots of President Trump’s new “Truth Social” app have appeared, initially via the Apple’s App Store. Those who indicated interest in Trump’s Truth Social platform earlier this year are currently receiving notifications via email. (More on this a bit later.) Perhaps we’ll soon find out if Truth Social can become the ultimate Twitter antidote.

Excerpt of Gateway Pundit’s breaking story on Truth Social follows:

CDN editorial comments and clarifications appear in square brackets.

“The [Truth Social] app, which has been available to beta testers for the last week, will be going live in the Apple Store for everyone. [As of this writing, the app is indeed available. But for most, only sign up and registration functionality is available. See info below.]

“‘We’re currently set for release in the Apple App store for Monday Feb. 21,” the network’s chief product officer, listed as Billy B., told beta testers on Friday, according to a report from Reuters.’

“The report added that ‘in addition to the post disclosing Monday’s launch date, the screenshots seen by Reuters show the app is now at version 1.0, suggesting it has reached a level ready for public release. As late as Wednesday, it was at version 0.9, according to two people with access to that version.’

Can we handle the “Truth”?

“‘Asked whether users would be able to edit their “truths,” the executive replied “not yet.” The ability to edit posts after publication is something Twitter users have long sought. The next significant feature released on the platform will be direct messages, or DMs, between users, the executive wrote,” the report continued. ‘The company is also considering allowing users to sign up to receive notifications when others post content, the executive said. He signaled that the ability to block other users would be an important component.’

“‘There will always be block functionality in the app,’ he wrote.

“Billy B. also said that the process for verifying accounts will be announced ‘in the coming weeks.’”

“The platform promises to ‘fight back against Big Tech’ and ‘encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology….’

Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks also reiterates that Truth Social has chosen to “partner” with video sharing site Rumble.” Independent video site Rumble recently agreed to provide video streaming and download services for the new platform, although the business arrangements enabling this have yet to be made public.

Is Truth Social really ready for prime time? Not exactly.

On a personal note, I’d registered for the free Truth Social app via the Mac version of Apple’s App store well over a month ago. But since then, I heard nothing of the latest “go live” news. That is, until I received an email from the App Store Sunday afternoon, February 20. The email provided a link to download the new app. Unfortunately, I could not do so on a Macintosh computer, at least as of today.

However, I did actually find the Truth Social app already downloaded on my iPhone, which, apparently, is the platform where Truth Social will initially materialize. After a couple of kludgey attempts to log onto the app, it seemed that my initial registration hadn’t given me log-in privileges, only putting me into the queue to do so.

Ultimately, I was able to create an account via the iPhone. At present, new accounts can opt for news and update downloads. But the current version of the app provides no actual functionality. Yet. However, beta testers, however chosen, have been able to work with the app for roughly the past week.

In other words, accessing the Truth Social app, or at least creating an account at the site, is about all one can do at this point. Doing so puts you in another queue, a “waitlist.” As they work down the waitlist and get to your number, presumably, you’ll be allowed into whatever portion of the app is ready to go. Little by little.

Why has the appearance and functionality of Truth Social been taking so long? A few thoughts…

This kind of gradualism makes things a bit frustrating, to say the least, for the legion of potential users of this new app / social networking site. But my educated guess is that TMTG has put more than the usual amount of time into creating rules and software that will provide for a far better user experience than Twitter. Further, they likely decided well ahead of time, to make this app technically bulletproof, at least as much as possible.

Given the company’s deep connection with President Trump, it’s highly likely that left-wing hackers and hostile foreign governments alike have been feverishly working in advance to make running the site a living and dysfunctional hell for its owner/operators. Not to mention finding out ways to sabotage the likely millions of users who’ll sign on as members of Truth Social.

In other words, TMTG / Truth Social can’t be too careful here.

Truth Social needs to get up and running soon to counter leftist and globalist propaganda leading up to the US midterm elections

On the other hand, it’s a virtual certainty that the site wants to go live well in advance of most spring primary elections leading up to this year’s midterm vote in November. An alternative voice is clearly needed at this point to fight the blatant censoring and blacklisting of individuals and sites that have continued to escalate over the past two years.

Opponents of leftist/globalist MSM and social networking entities remain eager to fight back against the kind of fascist/globalist governments, companies, and wealthy individuals who even now are working to overthrow Western democracies. (And which have likely already done so in Canada.)

While Gab, Rumble, and numerous other sites and entities have already provided necessary outlets for this pent-up demand, TMTG and Trump’s Truth Social may ultimately gain the financial and popular backing that will make the biggest difference in the ideological battle real Americans are currently losing.

About investing in Truth Social / TMTG and Rumble

Both President Trump’s social networking entity, which includes Trump’s Truth Social, and Rumble itself, are planning to go public soon via a pair of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DWAC) and CF Acquisition Corp. VI Class A (NASDAQ: CFVI), respectively.

SPACs – essentially large buckets of cash searching for a viable company – generally go public valued at $10 per share. Such shares then fluctuate accordingly due to facts, rumors or other news speculating on unlisted target companies they’re pursuing.

It’s been well known since at least last fall that DWAC was deep in negotiations with Trump’s fledgling social media company TMTG (Trump Media & Technology Group.) When confirmation of this news first hit the wires, DWAC shares rocketed up past $100 per share before slowly dropping back to the $40-$60 range as speculative fever waxed and waned.

Should DWAC and TMTG conclude their arrangement, DWAC shares would assume the TMTG ticker symbol and the SPAC would become an actual company, rising and falling based on its P&L statements.

The roller coaster ride for CFVI has been considerably more subdued, with shares peaking at around $18 per share. More recently, CVFI shares are trading in the $14-15 range. We have not yet found information on Rumble’s proposed trading symbol as of February 21, 2022.

When will shares of the Trump and Rumble entities go live for trading on Wall Street?

Time frames for the completion of both SPAC arrangements with their target companies remain unknown. But the DWAC / TMTG transaction is likely to conclude in late Q1 or sometime in Q2 2022.

Like all SPACs, both DWAC and CFVI provide ways to become involved in the future fates of Trump’s Truth Social / TMTG and Rumble. Objectively, we have to classify them as “spec stocks.” So travel carefully if you plan to invest. This is a case where advance research is nearly impossible when trying to confirm the current value of companies that may have little if any income to report currently.

Full disclosure:

Our accounts have small positions in both SPACs at the moment. We tend to add a few shares every time sellers decide to dump positions in each SPAC. (Which happens fairly often.) We hope to make money here, but know that at this point, the odds are 50-50 at best. But our speculation here relies on the obvious fact that approximately 50% of America’s population is forbidden from expressing their opinions on social media platforms currently dominated by far-left sites like “Meta,” aka Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Twitter (NYSE: TWTR).

At the very least, that means a massive number of de-platformed users will be signing up for President Trump’s Truth Social. And, given its involvement in the tech side of the equation, owners of the eventual publicly traded Rumble entity could very well benefit just as much, helping erode the domination of Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL, GOOG) video entity


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