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Trump supporters bail from Facebook, Twitter

Written By | Jul 31, 2018

WASHINGTON. Continuing our previous discussion of corporate virtue-signaling and anti-First Amendment censorship, here’s a verifiable fact. Substantial numbers of Trump supporters, bedrock conservatives and variously-flavored Republicans are bailing on both Facebook (symbol: FB) and Twitter (TWTR). That is, if they haven’t already been shadow-banned or terminated. That’s hardly likely to help both companies’ Q3 subscriber numbers.

Ditto for Google/Alphabet’s [GOOG and GOOGL] YouTube. That popular video site has gone on a tear recently, ruthlessly demonetizing any site that’s even a tad to the right of the Stalinist left.)

Social network site discrimination against Trump supporters

This discrimination and demonitization campaign against Trump supporters and fellow travelers — weirdly similar to the IRS anti-Tea Party oppression of 2012 — will likely hurt Twitter the worst. Among other things, the Twitter Campaign 2018 censorship game has already cut down on responses/engagements with President Trump’s tweets by an estimated 35-70 percent. How smart is that if those numbers – distasteful to management as they may be – are major drivers of you bottom line?

What we said about Dick’s Sporting Goods

We had this to say earlier this year about the anti-gun virtue-signaling undertaken by the craven leadership of Dick’s Sporting Goods:

“We’ve railed for years in these columns about the endless, nauseating recurrence of corporate, left-wing virtue signaling in America. This is the 21stCentury variation that closely tracks Jesus’ well-known parable of the Pharisee (a super-rich guy) and the Publican (a wretched tax-collector hated by all).

“The Pharisee proudly thanks God that his (alleged) virtue has been publicly rewarded with great wealth. He regards his  success as an outward sign of his oneness with the Lord. (My modern rendition.) He also thanks God that he’s not like that sniveling, no-account creep in the back of the sanctuary. That other guy is obviously a jerk because God has clearly not favored him in any way.

“Meanwhile, so far back in that sanctuary that he’s nearly cropped out of the photo-op, the publican keeps begging God, ‘Be merciful to me Lord, I’m a sinner.’ (Please forgive the poetic license here. You get the picture. This parable never becomes outdated.)

“Over the years, we’ve seen America’s modern Corporate Pharisees in action despite the fact that most of these corporate-CEO Axes-of-Evil are publicly traded companies. Their ill-advised grandstanding activities generally damage the businesses they run. Hence, their shareholders as well. Dick’s Sporting Goods is only the latest miscreant.”

This massive silencing attempt by the wealthy, left-wing bigwigs currently leading Facebook and Twitter amounts to nothing more than virtue-signaling and arbitrary political discrimination exclusively against Trump supporters.

Dangerous sites vs. SJW censorship and corporate virtue-signaling

We’ll readily concede that both social networking sites are well within their rights to eliminate obviously dangerous sites or bogus tweets. But allegedly operating as open communications platforms, FB and TWTR find themselves in dangerous territory by effectively declaring that any Facebook page or Twitter storm launched by Trump supporters, or fellow travelers amounts to dangerous “hate speech” worthy of arbitrary censorship.

Trump supporters and those on the conservative side of the aisle are as infuriated by this obvious censorship and bias as many Republicans were during the IRS assault on free speech that mostly surfaced AFTER Election 2012. AFTER the Lightworker won the election. The IRS stonewalling — which the agency never deployed against the Democrats — dealt a serious blow to Republican fundraising efforts. It may have cost them the election. Are Facebook and Twitter attempting an instant replay in social networking as a way of thwarting Trump supporters in the 2018 Congressional contest?

Tightening the screws on major social networking sites

The reprehensible, anti-First Amendment conduct by the leadership of Facebook and Twitter is seriously compounding the trouble they’ve already provoked by sharing supposedly private user information for fun and profit (while not informing the user).

Furious users continue to cut ties with these sites in protest. This guarantees a steady exodus of conservative companies and users – potentially 50 percent of all companies and users. This ongoing exodus will continue to clobber the user numbers of both companies. It certainly promises to affect their ability to generate fresh revenues through advertising.

This fairly recent development may not have up yet in user numbers for ongoing third quarter. But it will. This drift away from Facebook and Twitter by Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters will continue. It will have a corrosive effect on the numbers of both companies going forward.

That may at least provide a partial reason for the continued hammering of both stocks on Wall Street. You don’t give the finger to half your potential customers and expect increased profits every quarter. But there remains a batch of wealthy Marxist (and #NeverTrump) CEOs out there that still haven’t grasped this feature of the capitalism they allegedly embrace. They and their politicized CEOs risk sending their company, employees and stockholders on a journey down the Road to Oblivion.

*(UPDATE. As of 12 noon July 31, both stocks are attempting to move back into the green just a bit. We’ll see how that works out by COB. After their recent savaging, FB and TWTR shares might deserve at least a dead-cat bounce.)

Terry Ponick

Biographical Note: Dateline Award-winning music and theater critic for The Connection Newspapers and the Reston-Fairfax Times, Terry was the music critic for the Washington Times print edition (1994-2010) and online Communities (2010-2014). Since 2014, he has been the Senior Business and Entertainment Editor for Communities Digital News (CDN). A former stockbroker and a writer and editor with many interests, he served as editor under contract from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and continues to write on science and business topics. He is a graduate of Georgetown University (BA, MA) and the University of South Carolina where he was awarded a Ph.D. in English and American Literature and co-founded one of the earliest Writing Labs in the country. Twitter: @terryp17