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The Steady App helping gig workers suffering the present income loss

Written By | Apr 26, 2020

LOS ANGELES: Steady is an app-based platform launched in 2018 by Adam Roseman, Michael Loeb and Eric Aroesty. The app allows its members to find jobs fast, seek financial advice, and save money with deals on everything from healthcare plans to tax help.

When thinking of the gig economy or app-based platforms, the mind immediately goes to Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, InstaCart or a number of other service-based, phone-convenient entities.

Steady is a first of its kind app

Steady’s focus is on advising and advocating for people seeking stable income in America: whether that is full-time work, gig to supplement income, or work that will help them reach a goal or build a business. Roseman, Loeb, and Aroesty saw a niche, exploiting it with this groundbreaking platform for the good of its client base.

Steady boasts a member list of 1.7 million.

Now in this time of COVID-19, Steady has launched its most ambitious initiative yet. Steady Together provides new programs available exclusively through the Steady app to address the massive challenges facing tens of millions of American workers as a result of this pandemic.

Co-Founder and CEO Adam Roseman along with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, a major supporter of the platform and one of its key advisors, took to Zoom to talk about Steady Together.

Steady Together’s key initiatives are:

  • Steady high demand jobs:

    Most jobs listings on jobs boards will now remain unfilled and frozen for the foreseeable future. Steady wants to make sure that when members take the time to apply for a job that they have accurate guidance on those jobs where there is a hiring need, even during the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • Emergency cash grants:

    For the thousands of Steady members experiencing large income drops due to COVID-19, Steady is partnering with The Workers Lab to distribute through The Workers Fund emergency cash grants of $100 to $1,000 to select Steady Members over the coming weeks. Members must have linked their account to Steady’s free Income Tracker to have a chance to qualify.

  • Medical support:

    This is crucial for gig workers. Beginning in May, all Steady members who have setup their Income Tracker in the Steady mobile app will have their telemedicine subscription paid for by Steady and accessible within the Steady mobile app for the member, their spouse and any children in the household up to 24 years of age.

    It is expensive to visit a doctor, urgent care or emergency room and for non-emergency situations, the ability for anyone (no health insurance or social security number required) to access a doctor, PA or Nurse Practitioner can help to save money and eliminate the time and risk it takes of visiting a medical facility, especially during COVID-19.

  • Rapid ACH cash deposit:

    For members who have completed Steady Income Boosters, it is more important than ever to receive cash as quickly as possible. Steady is now able to deposit cash into the Member’s account connected to the Steady income tracker as soon as it receives notice from an Income Booster partner that a Steady Member has completed their course.

    The beauty of Steady is that it combines the ability for Members to improve their financial health with the option of receiving cash when they need it most, such as signing up for a free and no overdraft fee checking account with Varo Money through Steady, and receiving cash into your Varo account after completing the requirements in Steady’s Income Boosters.

Adam Roseman explains this pivot for the platform:

 “Although Steady was founded on the singular mission of helping to improve the increasingly challenging lives of American workers, we could have never imagined the challenges that have been thrust upon millions of American workers in only a few short weeks,” Roseman said. “Our immediate response is to develop tangible relief and resources that give a growing base of Steady members a fighting chance to improve their financial lives in these trying times.”

Shaquille shared,

“I used to wash cars, I used to walk dogs, just because I’m this big time guy, I don’t exclude myself on how people feel, because I was once that, I understand that, I have relatives who do the same thing; so anytime I can help a person get to the next level. And for some people, the next level is $100-200 extra dollars.

“I know how it feels to get extra income to do certain things. As long as we can help people, I’m all for it.”
Necessity is the mother of Steady’s invention

Roseman grew up in a single-parent home, and he saw firsthand the daily financial struggles many Americans face. The vision for Steady came to Roseman after seeing the plight of his recently retired father. Like many Americans, his father found he didn’t have enough retirement savings. He needed to work part-time to make ends meet. Roseman stepped in, suggesting his father look for flexible work opportunities that fit his needs, availability, and interests.

Now, through Steady, Roseman and his team hope to help millions more.

These are the types of corporations and opportunities that Veena Dubal and the Labor Unions wish to destroy via AB5 in California and the PRO Act nationally.

Veena Dubal and AB5: Big Labor’s Excuse to Grab Power

Shaquille O’Neal shares best why he chose to be a part of Steady’s success:

“It’s all about people. If I can help a person better his lifestyle, I’m all for it. You’re [Steady is] the only platform that allows people to do that.”. – Shaquille O’Neal
A hand up, not handout

Steady is an app company that is not simply offering services or handouts but giving people a hand up. A hand up to improve lives, their financial situations, and economic standing in desperate and unsure times. They recognize that if you teach people to work for their betterment and to advocate for themselves and for others, then people will be more than willing to partner with you.

No coercion or false attempts at organizing is necessary.

Recognizing that people need resources.

It is both moral and compassionate to give people the resources they need.  Steady recognizes that not everyone “gigging” is starving and struggling. Many people use this platform (and others) to, as Shaquille said, get to “the next level.”

As independent professionals, that next level is up to them to choose. It is not the decision of a Union or an academic.

In Veena Dubal’s and the Union’s quest to destroy the independent contractor model along with the gig economy, a company like Steady, that is doing untoward good, could well be a casualty.

Do you want to see this happen?

The Steady app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. Employers interested in partnering with Steady can contact Steady at


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