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The Donald did it, winning the U.S. presidency convincingly

Written By | Nov 9, 2016

WASHINGTON, November 9, 2016 — Contrary to virtually all the national polls, Donald Trump was convincingly elected as the 45th President of the United States Tuesday. While his supporters can’t wait to see what positive things will happen next, others are very fearful. Should they be?

Trump’s supporters welcome his policies. He will reverse all President Obama’s often illegal executive orders, serving to eliminate many counter-productive regulations that Obama has imposed over the last 8 years.

Since he will work with both a Republican House and a Republican Senate, Trump’s economic policies will be implemented. That means taxes will be reduced for all Americans and government spending will be held to a minimum, although some areas like infrastructure spending will increase.

Trump will encourage America’s legion of discouraged workers to re-enter the job market by providing opportunities for good jobs and reasonable wages. This will increase tax revenue and reduce government spending, thus holding annual deficits to a minimum. With previously unemployed people working at meaningful jobs, social problems will gradually be minimized.

Where necessary, Trump will renegotiate trade agreements to encourage free but fair trade. This will allow American companies to compete globally while still giving consumers the benefits of lowered priced goods.

On national defense, he will follow the philosophy of peace through strength rather than the ruinous “turn the other cheek philosophy” of the Obama Administration that have led to a chaotic and unstable world.  American will lead the world once again.

Most importantly, perhaps, Trump will help restore America’s faith in government.

Those who are fearful of Trump may have over-reacted to a biased media blitz that functioned as Democrat Party operatives working for Hillary Clinton to win. Usually well-respected newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post smeared Trump and tried to paint him as a racist, a bigot and a misogynist. The truth is much different from the caricatures these and other newspapers and media fed to the public.

Teump was born and raised in a wealthy environment. He vastly increased his wealth by leveraging a loan from his father into a billion-dollar empire. He then became a television celebrity and made another fortune hosting his “Apprentice” reality show. After achieving near rock star status, he also behaved somewhat irrationally as often happens with newly anointed celebrities. Nonetheless, once on the campaign trail, his policies and goals favoring a renewal of America and its traditions became popular for those forgotten Americans who wanted their lives and their country back.

The media-promoted fears arising from minority groups are unfounded. Normally rational people have been brainwashed into thinking Trump is a throwback who will break up families and deport all illegal aliens.  Many believe Trump will ban immigration involving certain cultural groups. As a result, they are fearful.

Trump has said he will secure our borders so that potential new legal immigrants follow American law, just the way they would be required to do in nearly every other country around the world. He has promised to deport all illegals who have committed violent crimes or who have been deported but chose to re-enter the U.S. illegally once again. On the other hand, he is likely to take a humanitarian stance with regard to other illegals who are law-abiding and who are contributing to American society.

Trump will restrict entry into the U.S. by individuals residing in countries that sponsor terrorism unless those immigrants can be “extremely vetted” to ensure no terrorists are slip through a beefed up American border security regime. This policy puts the safety of our citizens as the government’s top priority, not the unlimited globalist influx of cheap labor that will only serve to crimp American paychecks even worse than is currently the case.

Despite implacable opposition from a “mainstream media” that constantly presented Trump in the negative, he was able to overcome this false and highly biased commentary, succeeding in getting his true message across to the American voter.

Despite the constant bashing from allegedly establishment Republicans and almost all established Democrats, Trump convinced the majority of Americans that he could provide the change that the country sorely needed. He saw that almost three-fourths of voters believed the country was going in the wrong direction and that only a political outsider with a history of accomplishments could change that direction.

The election of Donald Trump as president is a monumental event in American history. Trump is right when he says that his was not only a successful campaign, but a true movement that will restore the American values and put the country back on the course that allowed this country to evolve from its humble and sometimes confused origins to become the most powerful and productive country the world has ever seen over a relatively brief 150 years.

Despite facing media and establishment goliaths, Donald Trump was ultimately able to slay these twin giants and win the American presidency. The Donald did it after all.

Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.