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Mitch Skyer: How can technology help change perceptions?

Written By | Mar 27, 2017

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 27, 2017 — The key to capturing accurate and actionable rider feedback is to use the tools and platforms where customers go and that they are willing to use.

“Life is not always fair, and neither is customer service,” Mitch Skyer, president of Passio Technologies said during the recent Mid-South Transportation & Parking Association (MSTPA) 2017 Annual Spring Conference and Trade Show in Knoxville, Tennessee. Passio Technologies is a company that provides innovative, customizable transit and parking solutions for transit systems and other transportation organizations.

“Sometimes you get blamed for stuff that isn’t fair,” he said, adding that “Perception is the biggest challenge we have. The technology should help with you identifying what the perception is and how to change that perception.”

It is often as simple as opening up a dialogue with customers.

As one example, Skyer highlighted Passio’s partnership with Texas A&M University, which deployed BusBuzz Text Connect™ on its Aggie Spirit bus system to solicit riders’ feedback. With the platform, users can simply send their thoughts via text for administrators to review.

During his remarks, Skyer highlighted the importance of not just asking for feedback but taking action on the perspective riders provide. The easier a system is for users to provide their thoughts, the more likely they are to give useful insights.

“Find the tools that work for you to gather the information, to get the questions answered that you need answered or to find out things you don’t know,” Skyer said during a speech was titled “Innovative Interaction: How to Tickle Your Passengers Without Getting Smacked!” “You can’t ask every question if you don’t know something is happening.”

Todd DeFeo

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