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LGBTQWTF US Army recruiters, woke CEOs jump the shark. Boycotts on?

Written By | May 22, 2021
LGBTQWTF US Army recruiters, woke CEOs

The new meaning of “Army Strong.” Video still from US Army’s LGBTQWTF-centric recruiting video.

WASHINGTON – Have you caught the latest beyond asinine viral video? The US Army recruiting animated feature highlighting the patriotic virtues a child – female, of course – accrues when she’s lucky enough to be raised by two mommies? Similar to the ever-increasing cadre of woke CEOs who’ve made a fetish out of crapping on the lives and customs of normal American citizens, it looks like the current crop of LGBTQWTF US Army recruiters decided to jump the shark by going all-in with the following YouTube sales pitch.

(Hat tip, Patriot Post.)

LGBTQWTF US Army recruiters / ad writers jump the shark on “two mommies” promo animation

Senator Ted Cruz wasted no time in calling out the Army’s LGBTQWTF US Army recruiters on their recent, nauseatingly gauzy “two mommies” fantasy recruiting cartoon. A fuzzy, feelgood future version of the US Army is not likely to be very effective in crushing terrorists or even holding off a menacing Chi-com force for even a few hours. The country does not need this kind of “Army strong.”

“‘Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….’ Cruz tweeted on Thursday in response to the ad.”

Ted Cruz stays on attack, Army marketing / PR disables YouTube video comments. Free speech in action!

Gateway Pundit continues the story.

“The Texas senator refused to apologize [for his astute observation], adding in a subsequent tweet that ‘we have the greatest military on earth, but Dem politicians & woke media are trying to turn them into pansies.’ Leftist outlets, including Mediaite, subsequently feigned outrage by claiming that ‘pansy’ is a homophobic slur.”

It didn’t take the Army long to shut down comments on the YouTube video. Because, shut up. (Comments had been running substantially negative.)

“After the poor reception, the Army shut down comments for the ‘safety and wellbeing’ of our soldiers — ridiculously implying that they are delicate and need to be protected from words.

“‘Beginning May 12 we started noticing a significant uptick in negative commentary’ Laura DeFrancisco, public affairs chief for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office, told the Army Times. ‘The comments violated our social media policy and were not aligned with Army values. Out of respect for the safety and wellbeing of our soldiers and their families, we have disabled the comments.’”

So exactly what values does Today’s Army support?

Actually, Laura has this situation precisely wrong. The video she champions is what’s out of line with real, acceptable Army values. It’s for the safety and wellbeing of our soldiers and their families that this recruitment video should be taken down before Army morale plummets to a post-Obama Era low. After removing it, perhaps Laura should consider seeking out exciting new employment opportunities. Elsewhere.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, as the Pentagon signals its allegiance to the General PC / Wokeness Brigade, they’ve apparently decided to join the Communist crowd that already dominates the C-suite in an ever-increasing number of major US corporations. There, too, woke CEOs and their corrupt PR departments continue to promote causes like Antifa / BLM and generalized wokeness that regularly turn off at least 50% of the American electorate. Which also means at least 50% of their customers. Worse, these are the customers who actually buy (or bought – past tense) their products. Antifa / BLM and the left-wing boycott crowd prefer to liberate and redistribute those good for free, which must do wonders for corporate profits. That’s a great way to boost your post-pandemic sales numbers?

LGBTQWTF US Army recruiters have company: Nike finally takes a well-deserved hit

In any event, patriotic American consumers have begun to fight back by boycotting woke American companies. And, to our amazement, an outfit named Consumers Research has begun to run a highly effective series of attack ads meant to counter the left’s cancel culture and demonstrate that when it comes to corporate images and sales figures, two can play that cancel game. About time. Right Nike? And Colin?

Initially boosting the sneaker company’s bottom line, Nike’s attempt to make loser quarterback-without-a-team Brian Kaepernick as the company’s wokesman continues to wear away at Nike’s bottom line. No word yet on how long Kaepernick’s contract has to run. Maybe they can replace him with another famously woke scenario, basketballer LeBron James, currently serving as our unofficial ambassador to China.

Woka-Cola begins to pay the price for its idiotic MLB All-Star boycott. Against its home town, no less…

Then, of course, we have the notorious example of the newly (?) woke Woka-Cola company, the hometown corporate heroes who helped the odious Stacy Abrams whisk a huge number of jobs out of their hometown of Atlanta by successfully urging Major League Baseball to move the 2021 All-Star game to Colorado to protest Georgia’s newly revised voting rules. Which, interestingly, aren’t even as stringent as those in True Blue Colorado. Sadly, whenever you see “woke,” LGBTQWTF antics can’t be far behind.

Another Consumers Research ad steps in to counter the soft-drink and food conglomerates’ left-wing pandering by another of our woke CEOs.

Take that, baseball fans!

American Airlines’ unfriendly skies earn a rebuke

Elsewhere, the fools running American Airlines decided to go PC as well, a great way to get post-pandemic passengers back on your costly – and empty – jetliners in 2021. Consumers Research steps in again to suggest some sanity if American Airlines wants to make it to 2022 with mostly full flights.

(Note that YouTube has “age restricted” this video since it was first posted, so you’ll need to deal with that fake issue before the video can run.)

Q: Who are those dudes over at Consumers Research?

A: Notes PowerLine’s Steven Hayward (in whose column I discovered these videos):

“My old pals at Consumers Research (my mentor M. Stanton Evans—biography forthcoming—was publisher of Consumers Research magazine for more than 20 years) have issued a set of 30-second spots calling out corporate virtue signalers like Nike, Woka-Cola, and American Airlines for their blatant hypocrisy and woke grandstanding. I like how they name names (the CEOs).”

An additional well-deserved weekend hat tip to Steven.

Woke CEOs: Meet

Others have gotten into the freshly percolating Cancel the Cancel Culture and Boycott the Boycotters game.

Of particular note is the aggressive approach taken by a site previously unfamiliar to this writer, Its web pages provide continually updated and highly useful listings of woke and left-biased companies. Ditto some common sense guidance on boycotting them for a change. Just to see how they like it. And how it affects their bottom line.

LGBTQWTF US Army recruiters, woke CEOs

Tons of useful links here and also quite a few helpful recommendations on where to find more information.

The site remains short on info as to who’s behind it and / or who’s providing support. But we’ll try to do some digging soon and post a follow-up piece with more details.

Meanwhile, most of this site’s information proves quite useful to those seeking to actively oppose today’s boycott and cancel culture. This corrosive nonsense means to kill off what remains of America’s one-time melting pot culture. The US became the first modern civilization to promote true equality (NOT “equity”) for all. As opposed to reinstalling class structure, Marxist-style. This site serves as an important warning sign directed toward America’s virtue-signaling woke CEOs. Their smarmy, virtue-signaling, discriminatory game against the American people has run its course.


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