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Impeachment circus imperils US-China trade deal. Democrats don’t care

Written By | Nov 19, 2019
impeachment circus, US-China trade deal

Making a list. Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced and adapted to CDN format with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.

WASHINGTON – It’s increasingly obvious that out-of-control House of Representatives leftists remain hell-bent on ousting President Trump one way or the other. Among other things, the Democrats’ most intense manic episode ever continues to completely ignore the legislative business that American taxpayers thought they were electing them to do. Namely, deal with Trump’s NAFTA replacement deal (which they purport to largely endorse) and deal seriously with the so-called DACA “dreamers.” Worse, their impeachment circus also imperils the elusive US-China trade deal.

But they don’t care. Only one thing has ever mattered to this increasingly psychotic party: Pursuit of exclusive, one-party power over every aspect of Americans’ daily lives. But how far has that gotten them?

Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo  fable developing holes. Mueller “interference” next

As their Ukraine quid pro quo bribery argument continues to develop holes, the dimwitted Dems have already begun test-marketing their follow-up Whack-a-Mole fable. Namely, that President Trump somehow intimidated the Dems’ once-beloved special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. Who knows what accusation will pop up next when this one fizzles?

America pays a price for today’s do-nothing Congress — particularly the Democrat-controlled House

American citizens are already paying the price for continuing to live under NAFTA. The so-called “dreamers” continue to dream of a solution to their dilemma that will never come, as the Democrats love using it as a wedge issue in each election. And a crucial US-China trade deal that massively re-sets the Communist government’s pirating of America’s greatest technologies while killing off American manufacturers and farmers, continues to stall.

That’s increasingly due, I think, to the Chinese government’s understandable hope that the House’s Mad Impeachment Brigade might actually get rid of Trump. That might bring another Democrat patsy to the White House in 2020. One that the Chi-coms can easily defeat. The better to resume wrecking what’s left of America’s onetime industrial and scientific advantage over its international competitors.

The view from a beleaguered Hong Kong

In an obviously locally-biased report, Hong-Kong’s somewhat left and now Alibaba (trading symbol: BABA) owned South China Morning Post (SCMP) seems to echo Beijing’s current party line perception of a weakened President Trump as a negotiating partner seeking to cinch a US-China trade deal.

“The impeachment process working its way through the US Congress threatens to further destabilise an erratic president, push China’s expectations lower and undercut chances for a meaningful US-China trade deal before the 2020 election.

“That’s the view among American political and economic experts as the Washington-Beijing trade war launched by US President Donald Trump drags on with consumers feeling the pain and the global economy and financial markets held hostage.

“‘Impeachment has already had a pretty profound impact on the president’s ability to escalate tariffs,’ said Henrietta Treyz, director of economic policy at Veda Partners, an investment advisory group. ‘It’s a question of not when but how this will impact negotiations. China recognises that Trump doesn’t have an unmitigated ability to enact tariffs like he did in the past.’”

Minus that snarky first sentence, the SCMP’s assessment of the current status of US-China trade negotiations seems closer to the truth than we’re likely to get out of our own US media, given that a likely 95% of these poseurs and Democrat propaganda artists, like their counterparts in Beijing, are now happy and successful in their current role as lackeys and mouthpieces of left-wing radical businesses and their wholly-owned politicians.

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Democrats work against their own and their constituents’ best interests

Interestingly, even a significant number of Democrats want the US government to crack down on China’s wholesale theft of our trade secrets, jobs, agricultural products and industries. But even these “moderates” nominally support Schiff-for-Brains’ 24/7 impeachment circus. Because, if they don’t, they’ll get primaried out of existence in 2020 by a party controlled, in all but name, by outright Stalinists. These die-hard dictators-in-waiting possess views that track more closely with those of the Chi-coms than they are attuned to American values.

All this leads us to the likelihood that the “stage 1” trade deal likely can’t happen. Just like the still-unsigned USMCA trade deal with Canada and Mexico, a DACA resolution, a US transportation upgrade deal and pretty much anything else Americans pay their representatives the big bucks to resolve. We used to have the best government money can buy. But not so much anymore. Unless your name is George Soros. But that’s for another column.

US-China trade deal rumors push stocks up and down every single day. Without resolution

Which ultimately gets us back to our usual topic, the US stock market. Averages continue to tantalize us by briefly hitting all-time record highs on a fairly regular basis. However, pretty much every time this happens, these averages and the stocks underpinning them retreat once again.

This manic-depressive market action inspires more and more investors to pull their money out of the market. Which, in turn, feeds the thus-far fake news of a looming 2020 recession. Which, strangely enough, would likely derail a Trump win next November. That’s the real aim of the Democrats’ impeachment circus. In the meantime, the hell with American jobs, happiness, well-being and all that.

What are we paying Congress for anyway?

We, the people, don’t count as far as this country’s would-be totalitarian Democrats are concerned. After all, we screwed up in 2016. We elected Donald Trump as US president over the absolutely smartest woman ever to grace this doomed planet. We’re no longer to be trusted. A cynical cadre of hard-left totalitarians wants to take our democratic tools and rights away from us. That’ll teach us. That’s why they make the big bucks. To save us from ourselves.

If they succeed in their aim, Paul Krugman’s profoundly stupid 2016 observation about the permanent destruction of America’s stock markets under a President-elect Trump will finally be fulfilled. By the markets’ permanent destruction under some left-wing totalitarian Democrat, beginning in 2021.  (Hat tip to Dan Bongino for the link.)

The Department of Justice (DOJ) must deliver a string of criminal indictments – and soon. This could finally derail the current, fictitious “narrative” once and for all. Otherwise, investors must consider reducing their position in stocks. Rolling that money into cash and cash equivalents stands out as a defensive alternative.

Though this fall’s erratic stock market continues to entertain, a sinister element underpins its movements. The Democrats seem hell-bent on taking us, our investments, and our life savings over the cliff. Without shame, they continue to wage their ongoing impeachment circus act. This stands as the biggest, most seditious political temper tantrum this country has witnessed. At least since Washington took his first oath of office nearly 250 years ago.

– Headline image:  Making a list. Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced and adapted to CDN format with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.


Terry Ponick

Terry Ponick

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