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How to: Salesforce data migration from one organization to another

Written By | May 2, 2017

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2017 – Importing records from one organization to the other, requires the process be done in a  specific order. The Salesforce Ids must be matched with the names to maintain their relationships in a proper way. If you are working with MS Excel, then the VLookUp functionalities can really be helpful in the migration process.

If you are working with MS Excel, then the VLookUp functionalities can really be helpful in the migration process.

Before You Start:

If you think that the entire process is too heavy for you, you can take help from the Account Executive. The executive can co-ordinate with the Salesforce consultants and can successfully accomplish the data migration process. It has been assumed that the Meta data already exists in your new organization.

If you are not comfortable with VLookup, you can use the existing Ids from the records as the external ids for most of the objects.

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The data import wizard can help you to carry on the import functions with the leads, accounts, solutions and contacts from the object records of the customized ids.

Use Data Loader: 

If you belong to an organization, you can use the data loader for recording data of maximum 5,000,000 units. Your objects can easily be supported through the import wizards. If you want to export the data for backup purposes, you can definitely use the data loader. For night shift reports, you can easily schedule your data within the loader.


For mapping the names of the accounts, the VLookUp Functionality can be used for keeping the records into the Accounts and the Contacts. The data is always recorded depending on the displayed IDs. During the import process, you will be able to import in any order with this functionality when the Contacts and the Accounts are imported jointly.

Import by Specific Order:

You may import the data through data loader or import wizard, but you need to maintain a specific order.

  • Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Solutions
  • Pricebooks
  • Products
  • Leads
  • Contracts

When each of the objects can be identified with their ids, all the records can be properly related. If you are not confident enough to perform the entire process on your own, you can leave the services to the professional companies with some service charges.

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Set Target Audience:  Setting up the target audience is very important before the migration of any new data from one organization to the other. When you are mapping between the data of two different organizations, try generating a schema configuration for the export process by using Eclipse or ANT. You must ensure that all the data points are properly captured and the ownership rules can be reviewed. Before uploading to the mass, you can test the migration in samples within your target audience.

Salesforce Support:  For data migration, Salesforce can only offer a limited support. The consulting partners can be contacted for providing the professional services to complete the migration process of data and the Metadata of one organization to the other.

The Eclipse and the ANT migration tool can really be helpful if you are moving Metadata by yourself. The data can also be retrieved if necessary deployed from the original destination. Always try to keep a backup and prepare a checklist before going through the migration process. Data loaders can be used for generating accurate reports which can be exported as the Csv file. Specifically for the Metadata, you can use the Eclipse and for the records, the Data Loader can be used. You can also recreate users into the new organization as soon as you have the Metadata in a sequential order.

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