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Vacation ideas: The benefits of a cruise

Written By | Jan 18, 2014

WASHINGTON, January 14, 2014 — Cruises have been on the rise in popularity. Over 20 million people went on a cruise in 2013, according to the American Association of Port Authorities. North America accounts for 60% of those passengers. The industry as a whole has had an annual growth rate of 7.4% since 1980. Holiday Cruise Line is growing as well in a popular region. The chief editor of Porthole Cruise Magazine named Holiday Cruise Line’s flagship, Bahamas Celebration, the 2013 Best Bahamas Cruise Getaway. The Bahamas was listed ahead of Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe as a top destination for cruises.

Statistics aside, there are a variety of reasons why people look to go on a cruise.


Everything is included in the price, saving travelers hundreds of dollars. Shore tours and some amenities are extra, but lodging, meals, and entertainment come with the price. Facebook is a great place to find deals and more information.


Vacations can be frustrating at times. A cruise is designed to be as convenient as possible. No lengthy waits. No currency issues since everything runs through a cruise ID card. Everything you need is within walking distance or a call to room service.


It’s a closed environment, so parents can be comfortable letting their children explore the ship. The entire family can find entertainment, with programs for every taste. It keeps the family together, but keeps them entertained. Most cabins can accommodate up to four passengers.


Activities are supervised. Passengers are carefully screened, so no unauthorized individuals are admitted. Before visiting ports, passengers can attend seminars and pick up tips for safety and convenience. The entire environment is designed around safety and easing concerns. The less a family is concerned, the more fun they can have.


It’s a worry-free adventure. Everything is included, supervised, and taken care of for the guest down to the last detail. This allows for more time to be devoted to relaxation.


Cruises allow for the exploration of the sights and sounds of different ports. Asia, the Mediterranean, the Bahamas are out there and part of a safe and guided tour.

There are many more reasons to book a cruise. Some go for romance and some go for the food. Others go to explore. That’s why nearly 19.9% of the population has already been on at least one cruise. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a large and growing industry with plenty of competition.

Jeff Barrett is an experienced columnist and digital public relations professional. He has been named Business Insider’s #1 Ad Executive on Twitter, a Forbes Top 50 Influencer In Social Media and has contributed to Technorati, Mashable and The Detroit Free Press.