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Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club and Barbasol vs Gillette: A different approach?

Written By | Jan 24, 2019
Harry's, Dollar Shave and Barbasol

Barbasol show razor companies the way to deal with toxic feminism. (Image via

WASHINGTON.  In our first and second articles in this “Razor Wars” series, we explored how two major US razor manufacturers caved in and virtue-signaled to win favor with toxic feminism and the PC Police. As a result, the current ad campaigns of both Gillette and Schick disrespect and/or condescend to their primary customer base. In other words, normal, average American males. Fortunately, both companies have a few scrappier competitors that are taking market share from Gillette and Schick. Like Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club. And our surprise entry of the day: Barbasol.

Regardingthe phony “toxic masculinity” non-issue, all three companies either finesse their corporate approach to the relentless reshaping of US culture and customers by cultural Marxists. Or, alternatively, they tell these class-struggle clowns where to go. So let’s check them out.

Are we just mad about Harry’s?

First, let’s look at Harry’s. Harry’s is one of two currently prominent online peddlers of competitively priced razors, razor kits and accessories. At first glance, Harry’s website promos also seem to be going the way of Gillette and Schick.

As in the following verbiage.

But Harry’s surprised us, linking to a detailed survey they commissioned, entitled “Masculinity Report, USA 2018.”

A topical read of the linked survey results, written in plain English, seems free of the treacle we’ve seem thus far. Save for a bit of “kinder, gentler” language. Even more interesting, the survey results seem to offer good news for real guys who are sick and tired of being dissed because they’re, well, guys.

Here’s a link.  Check it out for yourself. For now at least, it seems that Harry’s products are still OK for actual guys to buy. I.e., purchasing Harry’s products won’t force men to reward yet another corporation that spews out virtue-signaling, anti-male crap.

Dollar Shave Club?

Another online competitor, Dollar Shave Club, is actually sticking it to the milquetoasts at Gillette and Schick. In a short, positive piece, BRP gives a thumbs-up to the Dollar Shave Club’s cheeky insta-response to Gillette’s disgusting sermon promoting the evolution of Milquetoast Man.

“In response to an offensive advertisement published over the weekend by Gillette, one of its competitors appears to be shrewdly inviting ticked-off consumers to switch brands.

“‘Welcome to the Club,’ the Dollar Shave Club, a company that delivers grooming products directly to customers via mail, tweeted Monday afternoon, a day after Gillette launched an advertising campaign that smears all men as predatory bullies suffering from so-called ‘toxic masculinity.'”


“The timing and wording of the tweet suggests that, while the Dollar Shave Club didn’t outright write ‘ditch Gillette and come to us instead,’ that’s what it implied. So how did the company respond when a consumer asked, ‘What are the rules to your club?'”

“’Take care of yourself. Respect others. Buy our stuff,’ Dollar Shave Club replied.”

Fair enough. Here’s Dollar Shave’s rather witty video.

Right answer, Dollar Shave Club. Looks like real men can buy Dollar Shave Club products without a gnawing sense of regret. A great shave, devoid of partisan politics. What a concept!

Now here comes… Barbasol?

We intended to end today’s piece with the previous sentence. But at the last moment we made an unexpected discovery.

Surely, most guys of a certain age must be aware of the venerable Barbasol brand of shave cream. Here’s a handy Wikipedia sketch of this company’s early 20th century origin.

“MIT Professor Frank Shields set out to create a product that would provide for a less irritating shave. In 1919, he succeeded with the invention of Barbasol – a shaving cream that did not have to be worked into a lather. The original formula was a thick lotion and is most closely related to the modern Barbasol Non-Aerosol Therapeutic Shave Cream.”

Since then, Barbasol has had a couple of different owners, has been entirely forgotten once or twice, but has always bounced back. Today, Barbasol shave cream, which comes in a variety of blends, remains the best deal in town. It’s siple, cleanly formulated, basic shaving cream. Better yet, whatever variety you buy offers a huge volume of product in every can. Best of all, it’s dirt cheap. I’m using a can of it right now. I’ve already had it for over a year.

But all this time, I had no clue that Barbasol – which employs card-carrying Deplorables to crank out its bargain-basement shaving cream in an Ohio factory (USA! USA!) – also makes inexpensive shaving kits and blades and sells them online at The razors seem to be highly regarded by most of its customers. Must check them out.

A venerable All-American company socks it to the PC Police and toxic feminists

But wait! There’s more!

I don’t remember how I actually discovered the Barbasol video posted below. But it seems that back in 2014, Barbasol’s ad agency put together a witty commercial touting its products. It’s just resurfaced on YouTube. The YouTube version  unintentionally offers a brilliant (if unintentional) “response” to Gillette’s and Schick’s puritanical cave-ins to the left’s Bizarro takeover of cultural hegemony in America.

This Barbasol ad is worth recycling in 2019. It’s a rollicking antidote to the latest wave of corporate virtue-signaling. Better yet, it’s satirical and funny, just the way comedy used to be before today’s current crop of late-night TV talk show hosts comandeered the video airwaves on behalf of the PC Police.

The Barbasol advert takes us back to the Second World War. During much of that time, Barbasol’s famous shave cream was mass distributed to GIs fighting for our freedom abroad.

Those were the days when American heroes were American heroes. And it was precisely their patriotic, self-sacrificing, all-American “toxic masculinity” that saved most of the world from the greatest tyrannies in history. Barbasol returns to those thrilling days of yesteryear to offer a highly creative, incredibly funny product plug that also weirdly honors our pre-Obama American ideals.

We’re still laughing at this one. If you want to watch this Barbasol video in a larger format, here’s the link to the YouTube version. Give it a thumbs up while your their.

There’s a lesson here for corporate America

Real men and card-carrying Deplorables will certainly appreciate Barbasol’s ad and product approach. And perhaps, even  reward Barbasol orders they’d otherwise have routed to unworthy competitors like Gillette and Schick.

Meanwhile, there’s a lesson here corporate America. Do NOT piss off your prime customers to please a small but tireless cadre of never-satisfied leftists agitators. Wise up and ignore the politics. You’re selling products, like razors. You’re not selling political correctness. Everything in life is NOT political.

And remember: Toxic feminists don’t buy your products. Hell, many of them don’t even shave. Barbasol understood this. You do not. Don’t get woke. Wake up.


Note: We receive no compensation from and have no professional relationship with any of the companies mentioned in this series of articles.


Next: In our final installment, we reprise the article that started our anti-PC crusade. Even better, we offer our final observations and recommendations to CEOs still tempted to suck up to a Stalinist left that doesn’t care about you, your company, your employees or your customers. Want to avoid corporate suicide? We’ll have some suggestions.


— Headline image: Image via, the Barbasol web site.


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