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Gillette promo doubles down uses toxic feminism to sell Venus razors

Written By | Apr 7, 2019
Gillette promo, toxic feminism, Venus razors

Another toxic, woke Gillette commercial, this time via the Twitterverse. (Screen grab from Venus Razors’ Twitter page)

WASHINGTON.  Earlier this year, we discussed a suicidal corporate virtue signaling campaign, this one launched by America’s longtime king of razor manufacturers, Gillette. In a painful January ad campaign, Gillette – now a subsidiary of Dow Jones Industrial giant Proctor & Gamble (aka, P&G, trading symbol: PG) – Gillette launched a series of ads that openly dissed “toxic” masculinity. Now, a new Gillette promo campaign seems to be endorsing toxic feminism to peddle its line of Venus razors. And P&G’s numskull CEO loves it all.

Toxic masculinity redux

Gillette’s earlier “toxic masculinity” ads starred several “woke,” beta males as an example of what gender feminists no doubt feel today’s wimped out American men had best aspire to be if he even hopes to get any action from said feminists. Selling Gillette razors was a secondary concern. Selling the wussification of the American male was the prime directive.

American men – presumably the target of a company whose major business is selling shaving gear to American men – quickly reacted with a withering barrage of negative posts when the company posted YouTube versions of these ads online. The reaction was even worse than it looked, as an unknown number of earlier negative comments were apparently scrubbed.

But there doesn’t seem to be much learning going on in a growing number of American corporate boardrooms today. Case in point: Gillette’s brain dead marketeers are at it again with a fresh outrage. The company has doubled down on its January 2019 epic fail, using a similarly obnoxious approach — actually endorsing toxic feminism — as part of a new promo campaign for its line of Venus razors and skin care products.

Enter: Latest Gillette promo, featuring toxic feminism

Let’s let pick up the story line here.

“Gillette’s new Gillette Venus advertisement campaign features morbidly obese women and transgender models. The company claims ‘ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown,’ but it has experienced resistance and widespread mockery on social media.

“An advertisement featuring one obese model for the campaign, Anna, was captioned, ‘Go out there and slay the day.’

‘Venus is committed to representing beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and skin types because ALL types of beautiful skin deserve to be shown,’ declared Gillette in a Twitter post. ‘We love Anna because she lives out loud and loves her skin no matter how the “rules” say she should display it.’

Wow. Really impressive, guys. This must be the gender feminist counterpoint to those earlier ads trashing real men in favor of metrosexuals and other lotus earing beta male losers. Which undoubtedly will please toxic feminism adherents.

Gillette promo pitched on Venus Twittering Machine

More to the point, while aggressively virtue-signaling (again), the current Gillette promo (contra Breitbart, the offending material appears to exist only via Gillette’s Venus Twitter account, not in an actual ad) also goes against the grain of the American left’s obsession with organic food products and over-all health hypersensitivity, as any number of Twitter commenters were quite to point out. But details and logical consistency never bother leftist ideologues. Again via Breitbart.

“The advertisement faced criticism from social media users who claimed Gillette should not be promoting unhealthy lifestyles.

“‘99% sure the woman in the photo is on an anti-depressant and/or statins. I have several loved ones that are obese. I’m all for making ppl feel comfortable in their skin, but let’s not glamorize obesity, please. It is NOT healthy. Supportive is fine. Encouragement is cruel,’ commented one user, while another proclaimed, ‘My uncle died from diabetes complicated by him being obese. Please, don’t promote unhealthy lifestyles and pretend THIS is beautiful.’

“‘It’s ok to be fat but it’s not ok to leave natural hair growth on your skin so do remember to shave that off with Gillette Venus,’ joked another user.”

More comments on Venus razors and the brand’s latest icons

Over at a site called Bored Panda, we find yet another ironic comment on the latest Gillette travesty. Usefully, the writer also gives us a bit more info on “Anna.”

Recently, Gillette Venus shared a photo of plus-size model Anna O’Brien, trying to celebrate diversity. However, their attempt has its share of critics who claim that the company is normalizing an unhealthy life. Similar to what other companies with super skinny models are doing, just on the other end of the spectrum.”

Over at the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro and staff go a bit deeper on the dark “feminist” left’s irrational pursuit of the nonstandard as heroes and heroines the majority of normals should envy and even emulate.

“Feminists have been at the forefront of not only stripping stigma from being morbidly obese, but celebrating it. An example of the extremism of the movement was illustrated by Connecticut College psychology professor Joan Chrisler, who claimed in 2017 that medical doctors alerting patients to health risks concerning their obesity are engaging in ‘medical fat shaming.’

“Last year, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro asserted that it’s ‘counterproductive to praise people for things about themselves they ought to change, particularly regarding health, assuming change is possible.’”

Ben Shapiro goes for the kill shot

Shapiro touches on a wider point.

“‘The media’s new focus on building up self-esteem regarding weight status isn’t totally disconnected from radically escalating rates of obesity in the United States; 12.7 percent of our kids are now technically classified as obese,’ Shapiro continued. ‘Self-esteem shouldn’t be disconnected from achievement. Doing so leads to a lack of active decision-making. That holds true whether we’re discussing obesity or whether we’re discussing any other status than can be altered by decision-making. Self-esteem must be earned, not given.’”

Gillette promo doubles down again

Compounding the company’s latest virtue-signaling exercise, Gillette’s Twitter page also highlights a presumably super-hot teenage LGBTQXYZABC figure as another example of the ideal and totally woke Venus customer, as Breitbart duly notes.

“18-year-old transgender activist Jazz Jennings, who is one of the youngest transgender public figures in the world, is also a model for Gillette Venus’ new campaign.

“…Jennings was reportedly identified as transgender at age five, and by age six, Jennings was appearing on national television.”

What’s most upsetting about this little installment? That second sentence. It apparently okays Jennings transgender “identification” at age five.” What cadre of perverts laid this identity on a helpless little five-year old kid? No mention of that. But this raises suspicions of child abuse. Somehow, toxic feminism intruded quite early in this little kid’s still unformed life.

No hugging, no learning

Just as upsetting is Gillette’s inability to learn from the earlier epic fail of its “toxic masculinity” commercial. Again, via Breitbart.

“Despite [that] commercial being widely mocked, receiving over 1.4 million dislikes opposed to just 785,000 likes, and becoming the 20th most disliked YouTube video ever as of February, Gillette parent company Procter & Gamble doubled down on the campaign.”

Which is apparently why your average, everyday American woman must endure unfavorable comparisons to troubled individuals. Individuals like Anna and Jazz. Gillette now holds both of them up as healthy, normal role models for women. Guys had to put up with those insulting and condescending “toxic masculinity” Gillette adverts back in January. Now, the average American woman must now endure Gillette’s repellantly condescending toxic feminism.

And what about P&G’s Toxic CEO?

You’d think that P&G’s CEO would have already slapped down the already failed ad campaign of its Gillette subsidiary after the nasty response their beta male role models drew. But you’d be wrong, notes Breitbart, offering an observation straight from the source. Regarding that earlier campaign?

“It started a conversation,” declared Procter & Gamble CEO David Taylor. “There is an issue with tox masculinity.”

“Tox masculinity.” How hip is that, dude?

No wonder P&G has been losing traction in the marketplace over the last several years. The only issue we have with “tox masculinity” is people like you, Super Dave. You and other CEOs who place left-wing virtue-signaling politics over selling Gillette and Venus razors to the majority of Americans that don’t buy into this divisive PC crap.

Getting “woke”: How today’s “conversations” actually work

(BTW, in today’s PC jargon, a “conversation” occurs when unwoke, presumably white, male Americans are forced to sit down and get lectured by anti-American Marxists as to why they are permanently hopeless and disgusting jerks. If you are a normal person, you’ll want to avoid all such “conversations.”)

Will there be a boycott campaign against Venus razors?

The original series of Gillette commercials generated an ongoing male boycott of Gillette products, although it’s too early yet to see how effective that boycott might be. It’s a virtual certainty, however that the company’s current, sublimely asinine promos will generate a negative response from current customers for Venus razors as well.

The current run of offensive Gillette ads and promos is the current Exhibit A in an ever-growing series of negative corporate virtue-signaling. In so doing, hard-left CEOs put their companies’ customers, earnings and stockholders at risk. They intentionally risk pissing off the majority of their customers to court a small but vocal minority of hard-left fascists. Ironically, most of these fascists probably don’t buy their products anyway.

Time to force out Toxic CEOs like Super Dave Taylor

Corporate boards worth their salt must force out divisive CEOs who politicize their products and endorse unprofitable, counterproductive political crap. Unfortunately, it appears that very few corporate boards today are willing to do this. Perhaps these almost universally wealthy individuals also buy into the Kool-Aid the American left is selling. Worse they allow these thugs to intimidate them. Or still worse, they go full beta to avoid raining down from the ominous clouds of toxic feminism.

Gillette’s bizarre 2019 ad and promo blitz is another example of how the Soros-supported left has become ruthless, relentless and remorseless. Their mission: to force even the most mundane corners of daily life to become politicized. Even when it comes to products like Venus razors.

Such insulting material demeans the lives and daily pursuits of nearly all Americans. The intent it to further polarize and splinter American identity. The goal: to destroy the world’s most exceptional country by demeaning American heroes, customs, traditions and over all camaraderie.

The CEOs of major American companies must refrain from politicizing their companies and jeopardizing their businesses. Unfortunately, a growing dunciad of CEOs seems determined to do quite the opposite. Most if not all of these sad clowns have damaged their brands and companies. But most of them have yet to repent and probably never will.

Sad but true.

— Headline image: Another toxic, woke Gillette commercial, this time via the Twitterverse.
(Screen grab from Venus Razors’ Twitter page)


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