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Forget all those coronavirus cases. Per capita deaths are rapidly declining

Written By | Aug 23, 2020
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Cartoon by Al Goodwyn. Published with permission of the cartoonist.

WASHINGTON –  In the first article in this series of two, we briefly examined how the media quickly turned the sudden coronavirus pandemic into another Dump on Trump effort. This time, the Communists Democrats and its media lackeys emphasize the ever-growing number of coronavirus “cases” to “prove” Trump was wholly to blame. They ignore per capita deaths: a far more important number. The left has built its latest propaganda edifice on a two-decade old trick the Washington Post used to gradually turn Americans against George W. Bush’s War in Iraq. The Post, with ruthless and routine efficiency published page after page of color head shots, week after week, supposedly “honoring” American GIs who’d lost their lives in that conflict, and in Afghanistan as well.

The always increasing number of coronavirus “cases” is essentially meaningless. Death continue to decline. Big time

That idea, in turn, had been built on the never-ending “body count” litanies both the newsprint and the network news media used relentlessly to discredit the earlier War in Vietnam. Since this worked twice, America’s Communist Party reasoned, why not go for a trifecta by trumpeting the ever-increasing “case” numbers of the coronavirus in the US? This makes things look worse and worse for the Trump Administration, even though a significant number of those new “cases” were and are asymptomatic. And, better, even though deaths per capita were declining vs the rising number of cases, many of which were due only to better testing and documentation efforts.

By harping on “cases,” however, the media, the Deep State and Blue State politicians used these numbers to justify a perpetual lockdown of most Americans, including, now, children who should be starting the fall semester of classes. In their classrooms.

The “lockdown” is going into its 6th month with no end in sight. Why?

Initially, the whole idea behind the initial lockdowns in the US was not to make them permanent. Instead, the lockdowns were meant to give hospitals time to recalibrate in a way that would enable them to deal more efficiently with the increased numbers of pandemic victims who might need to be treated in ICUs to avoid a fatal outcome. We noted this in our previous article.

No matter what they said publicly, government officials, including those in health-oriented agencies like CDC, knew full well that you couldn’t really stop a virulent pandemic once the fire was lit. You can’t, really. But what you can do is stall for time until the healthcare industry ramps up to deal with a brand new plague. At which point, economically speaking, you’d have to open up businesses and life in general once more because you can’t do any better. Otherwise, you’d have a massive and disastrous economic pandemic that could very well destroy more lives that one caused by a virus. Marxist propaganda = Marxist politics.

All of us will become infected with Covid-19. A majority of us won’t feel a thing

In truth, all of us will “get” the novel coronavirus. And, in fact, many of us have been infected at this point. It’s just that many of those infected never developed a full-blown case of the disease for many reasons. Reported numbers of infected people are indeed rising and rising fast. That’s precisely because we’ve gotten better at diagnosing those infected, which naturally increases the number. But it’s also because so many infected individuals never develop a full case of the underlying disease.

In turn, due to a variety of partial treatments that have quickly become available, the medical community is better able to treat – and save – far more victims who’ve come down with an active case. The number of deaths, per capita, has dropped decisively over the last several weeks and continues to drop.

Emphasizing meaningless “case” numbers is just another attempt to defeat Trump on November 3

All of which means that any dramatic rise in reported cases is less and less meaningful. And that’s because less and less death is occurring. Which brings us to our second problem. The media’s endless harping on the increase in coronavirus cases ignores the dramatic decrease in per capita deaths. They designed this approach to keep up the terror campaign on individuals and businesses. In turn, keeps the pressure on to re-close opened businesses. Worse, this encourages Blue States to re-imprison individuals in their own homes, further destroying the economy.

This is all battlefield prep for Election 2020. Lies, a feature, not a bug in Marxist politics, teams up with standard issue MSNBC-style propaganda. It’s based on lies and half truth. But both outright lies and propaganda can still destroy businesses and families. And they’re doing so right now.

Even worse, this economic and political disaster has  badly damaged the once exuberant Trump Bull Market. America’s Communists don’t want this to stop.

Active coronavirus cases are actually on the run. “Case” numbers won’t tell you that.

Every story about America’s record number of coronavirus cases diverts attention away from America’s massively improved treatment regimens. These protocols and discoveries are saving more and more lives every day. An eventual vaccine might provide the icing on the cake.

Opening up businesses and letting individual citizens get out and about, is the way to go at this point. That’s also the way to get the “herd” exposed to the virus. As with the flu, this eventually shuts an epidemic down. Statistically, the virus has no one else to infect.

This will happen anyway. The left chooses to drag the process out. They aim to destroy what remains of our economy. Next, they wish to prompt eviction notices and related scare headlines. And finally, they long to defenestrate Trump and kick off the next 8 years of Obamanation. After which the US will no longer exist.

Settled science on coronavirus cases and lockdowns

Dr. Gilbert Berdine, an associate professor of medicine at Texas Tech University’s Health Sciences Center makes a compelling case against continuing coronavirus lockdowns based on coronavirus “cases.”

The data suggest that lockdowns have not prevented any deaths from covid-19. At best, lockdowns have deferred death for a short time, but they cannot possibly be continued for the long term. It seems likely that one will not have to even compare economic deprivation with loss of life, as the final death toll following authoritarian lockdowns will most likely exceed the deaths from letting people choose how to manage their own risk. After taking the unprecedented economic depression into account, history will likely judge these lockdowns to be the greatest policy error of this generation.

John Hinderaker’s synopsis of Dr. Berdine’s research appears in his recent piece on PowerLine. Check out Dr. Berdine’s entire article which is posted at the Mises Institute’s website.

Yes, some of us with health problems (like this writer) might not make it through the end no matter what path actually prevails. But, since we lack the option of absolutely safety in this life, simply doing what we need to do and moving on can prove healthier and more productive. That’s particularly true since American medical science has already dramatically increased its ability to cure more and more Americans who take a turn for the worse. This continues to drastically reduce per capita deaths. This, unlike the number of “cases” so endlessly bandied about by a hostile media, is the real story here. Why aren’t we hearing it?

Real, working Americans need to take back the streets, their government and their jobs

Until Americans realize what’s going on and get American industry – and jobs – humming again like they were prior to March 2020, the media will continue trying to destroy their newly prosperous lives in an attempt to villainize the President that turned America back into the land of opportunity.

Even worse, they’re making things even harder by unleashing the Soros-funded globalist left’s Antifa and BLM Brownshirts to destroy what’s still standing and intimidate, injure and even kill enough real Americans that the rest will be afraid to disobey them. That adds sedition, at the very least, to the crimes both Communists Democrats and the Maoist-Stalinist left are committing against our country and ourselves. And, of course, Mr Market.

We need to terminate America’s current, negative, Soros-bought and Communist-inspired environment

This is, in large part, why the stock market has become horrendously bi-polar. Perhaps we’ll rally all week this week, offsetting last week’s fake rally in which very few stocks actually participated. But even if we do, America’s enemies will find more headlines to set us back in time for Labor Day. Which, I predict, will provide the media with another opportunity to blame the current, largely unnecessary unemployment numbers on President Trump. And let’s not forget the continuing intimidation will see from the leftist dead-enders that George Soros and is wealthy globalist pals continue to lavishly fund. Their mission is to wreck America’s biggest and /or greatest cities to prevent another economic resurgence before November 3. Don’t doubt it.

For investors, the best thing to do right now is stay the course as much as possible. Don’t let media-promoted Marxist politics and Maoist shock troops deter you from a steady course. Anticipate the next, big, moneymaking rally, even if another black swan event suddenly appears.

We need to hang in there and teach the professional liars and perpetual insurrectionists an economic lesson they’ll never forget. Keep your eye on those per capita deaths. Those numbers continue to sink. May the organized left’s plan to terminate the United States of American and its robust economy sink even faster.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Al Goodwyn. Published with permission of the cartoonist.


Terry Ponick

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