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Endemic or ongoing health emergency? A crucial political issue in 2022

Written By | Dec 19, 2021
endemic, ongoing health emergency

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection. (See link below).

WASHINGTON – Since the dawning of the year 2020, both America and the world have learned volumes about what an out-of-control deadly malady can do to nations, economies, individual businesses and individual lives. But evidence is fast accruing that both the US and the international community may now need to re-learn the crucial difference between an ongoing health emergency and a malady that has become endemic to a population.

Please note:

When we refer here to a “malady,” most readers should already know we’re referring to a specific ailment that’s much in the news. One whose generic ID commences with the letter c. Why this apparent word-game silliness?

The Biden Junta began a full court media press roughly a week ago, pushing the notion that executive branch coverage needed to get way more positive. And fast. The White House apparently didn’t like the way the chief White House resident was getting covered, re: the economy, the border, a certain much-discussed malady, and everything else. So the the new message: Things needed to change. Fast.

Since then, search engines and social media networks have redoubled their censorship efforts against opposition media sites [like this one]. Among other issues, they effectively banned discussions of the medical issue referenced about if they didn’t track with official Washington’s information diktat. Namely, that increasingly negative news about this already-failed administration needed to be reversed. And quickly.

The censorship has even included the abrupt cutoff of certain sites – we won’t name any names – from crucial advertising arrangements. There oughta be a law against this. But since there isn’t, that’s why sites like ours can only report inconvenient truths via indirection. So sorry about the somewhat muddy terminology here. Most readers will grasp the meaning.

When an ongoing health emergency becomes endemic

Which gets us back to the dichotomy between the world’s allegedly ongoing health emergency (often referred to by a term that commences with the letter p) and a conveniently rhyming term – endemic – that we seeing increasingly in reports. Reports than even show up in non-censored media outlets.

Case in point: CNBC reported today in an interesting bit of news coming from the folks at Pfizer, no less. You know, the folks who’ve provided one medical answer to lessening the impact of a certain malady whose name will go unmentioned.

CNBC’s piece, penned by Hannah Miao, launches with three key bullet points. Namely:

“[A certain widespread malady] could become an endemic disease by 2024, Pfizer executives said.

“Endemic means the [malady] will not disappear but rather will become a vaccinated-protected ailment like the flu.

(Bold text above via CDN.)

“The timing could vary from place to place, with some regions moving to an endemic model in the next year or two, Pfizer’s chief scientific officer said.”

Timing of the endemic phase

“Endemic,” which rhymes with a term more frequently used today, is a term the average American needs to get familiar with, and CNBC helpfully make this a bit easier.

“[The malady] will become an “endemic” disease as early as 2024, Pfizer executives said Friday, meaning the virus will transition from a global emergency to a constant presence causing regional outbreaks across the world — much like the flu.

“‘We believe [the malady] will transition to an endemic state, potentially by 2024,’ Nanette Cocero, global president of Pfizer Vaccines, said during an investor call Friday.

“[The malady] would reach the endemic level when populations have enough immunity from vaccines or from prior infections to keep transmissions, hospitalizations and deaths under control even as the virus circulates.”

It’s interesting it’s taken Pfizer this long to come out with their open-ended assertion.

Where have we heard this news before?

As this writer has stated firmly on CDN and other social media sites, this specific malady is here for a permanent stay. Sadly, so is all the never-ending political propaganda concerning said malady also persists.

I’ve told anyone who’d listen that this malady, like the common cold (to which it’s related) and the annual flavor of the flu, were now here forever. The time has come to recognize that this allegedly ongoing health emergency has become endemic. It will never go away. Which ultimately means it’s time to get beyond all the punitive lockdown and never-ending mask protocols. For good.

As I wrote here last August,

“The likely truth is this. Free, annually reformulated [malady] vaccinations will be available annually for all that want or need them. Just as they have been for decades for the flu. Deaths will happen every year due to complications from both. They will mostly carry off the elderly and the vulnerable. Which is tragic. But a sad medical fact. Yet life will go on. As it has with the flu for decades. That’s something that rarely makes headlines any more.

“Which means that freaking out, led by the media’s [malady] propaganda efforts is fast becoming a waste of time. They’ll trumpet that propaganda every calendar quarter or two, terrorizing the American public every time some new, Greek-lettered twist on [this malady] shows up (which it will). This is already beyond a waste of time, a waste of our economic and wage earning power, and above all a waste of our children’s education. (Assuming that’s not already being wasted in your school district by intrepid [Marxists] manning the CRT Brigades.)”

Don’t believe me? How about Scott Gottleib?

In that same article, I also referenced the words of a noted medical expert and former US government official on this same topic.

“Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC on Friday [back in August] that the [malady] in the U.S. will become an endemic [malady] after the recent surge in [D word variant] cases calms down.

“The former FDA chief [a Donald Trump appointee, no less] said the peak of the delta surge in the U.S. will likely be in late September, hitting Northern states after rates slow down in the South.

“‘Hopefully we’ll be on the other side of it or coming on the other side of it sometime in November, and we won’t see a big surge of infection after this on the other side of this delta wave,’ he said.”

So there you go. A new word to replace that stupidly overused media and Fauci favorite: “[p word that rhymes with endemic].” Like the flu, this malady is, in fact, already “endemic.” Just like the flu. Take it from Dr. Gottleib. Who, as we neglected to mention in August, has been serving as a

“…Pfizer Director since 2019[,] Chair of [Pfizer’s] Regulatory and Compliance Committee and Member of [Pfizer’s] Science and Technology Committee.”

My earlier conclusion, based on the actual science

This status of this particular “endemic” malady was and is now (or nearly now) already an established fact, and no longer an ongoing health emergency (save for the elderly and those suffering from well-known co-morbidities like cancer and diabetes), I concluded in August that

“[We’ll] deal with it. By going back to work and school. Without stupid masks that rarely if ever worked anyway. Except as virtue-signaling and control devices. (Which ultimately was and is the real point.)”

I still stand by my earlier observation. If this ongoing malady referenced above will always be with us and will likely be addressed by annual shots – just like the flu – why is this administration and its media apparatchiks looking for more mandates, suspensions, lockdowns, gathering bans and other largely unconstitutional “emergency” provisions to impose on all Americans in 2022. They want this to be a feature, not a bug. They want us to remain afraid. Very afraid. And very compliant. This has nothing to do with medical science.

Hint: Just as in 2020, these potentially draconian “solutions” could and would help assure that the usual Washington suspects will either maintain or revive essentially ID-free and transparency-free voting in a great many states during 2022’s crucial Congressional contests. And one more electoral contest like the farce America witnessed in 2020 would go a long way toward finishing off our democratic republic. Or, at the very least, would result in a potential national conflict. One that Washington’s far-left establishment apparently wants.

And that’s why we need to accept what’s now clearly morphing an endemic malady. And thus one that no longer justifies the ongoing destruction of the American way of life. We’ll run out of Greek letters before we run out of variants of this malady. Count on it.


But sadly, this serious problem is no longer a medical issue. It’s a political one that has transcended mere biology.

But the government-media complex wants to make sure the average American voter doesn’t learn this. By suppressing truth-telling sites like this one. Apparently, our betters believe that we can’t handle the truth.

So as they used to say in those old 1950s TV commercials encouraging safe driving: “Stay Alert! Stay Alive!”

Headline image link: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.


Terry Ponick

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