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Égard Watches cleverly counterpunches Gillette ad and toxic feminism

Written By | Jan 26, 2019
Égard Watch vs Gillette

Video still from Égard Watch commercial, via YouTube.

WASHINGTON.  We’ve been pleased at the attention our recent 4-part series on the ill-informed, “toxic masculinity” commercial that razor company Gillette recently launched. (Link to CDN’s coverage here, here, here and here.) That’s the one that puts down the average American male while it pays sniveling obeisance to toxic feminism 3.0. But now, in addition to competitor Dollar Shave Club and a slew of negative articles and internet commentary, even companies unrelated to America’s shaving needs, like Égard Watches, are getting on the bandwagon against Gillette.

America is getting sick of corporate virtue-signaling by wealthy American companies and CEOs. And they’re starting to strike back.

The Daily Caller opines on the toxic Gillette commercial

Let’s explore this latest development via a recent piece we caught in The Daily Caller, aka, The DC. The conservative news site weighed in with its own Gillette ad commentary under the following provocative headline.

VOTE: Which Toiletries Company Do You Want To Lecture You Next?

The DC piece notes that Gillette’s ad agency – or at least the agency that created this obnoxious bit of virtue-signaling – refuses to discuss it. We’re shocked. Shocked!

“New York-based advertising agency, Grey, produced the ad and has refused to answer questions or make comments to the Daily Caller concerning its original intent or give us their response to the ad’s backlash.”

Figures. People in ad agencies like this one often remind me of the loathsome creatures you see when you turn over a flat rock somewhere out in the woods.

Égard Watches enters the commercial lists

A bit later in this piece, The DC references an ad-torial it discovered. This direct, elegant response to Gillette’s creepy feminist lecturing comes from a company we admit we never heard of: Égard Watches.

To save you the time of looking it up, we offer the YouTube edition of this fact-based but surprisingly gracious advert here. It’s entitled “What is a man? A response to Gillette.” Égar describes it ad as: “A short film – Dedicated to all those who sacrifice everything to make the world safer and better for all of us.”

Some viewer comments on the Égard response to Gillette

Unedited comments to the Égard ad via its YouTube link currently include the following.

  • Unlike gilettes commercial this ad actually inspires us men to be better versions of ourselfs. Nicely done Egard!
  • I love this because unlike Gillette’s ad, this focuses on the good in men and positivity, not keeping men in check and painting them as sexist, which spreads negativity.
  • The left wants us to hate ourselves for being masculine. Never be ashamed for being a male. NEVER.
  • Already calling it, feminists are going to complain about this video.

We conclude with this lengthy comment (unedited but cut into paragraphs so our SEO editor doesn’t yell):

“Gillette and other companies have an agenda. Very powerful elites with a lot of money are telling them what to say and companies like Gillette are fine with ruining their reputation. Why? Because the money is flowing in and they get a good chunk of change supporting this crap.

“Did you seriously think that Gillette didn’t know they would get mass backslash from their commercial? They did and they dont care. You’ll still be in there buying their razors tomorrow and they know that.

“You might be asking yourself “What is this agenda the people in the shadows are pushing?” They want WEAK men with absolutely no spine. Men who are afraid to stand up for what’s right without being socially labeled in a negative light.

And furthermore…

“There’s a reason every company is also pushing this whole trans movement even though trans people make up less than 1% of the population.

“Why give such a small group the spotlight? It’s simple. They want to make you mad. They want you fighting each other. Left vs right, white vs black, man vs woman. It’s a strategy that has worked for a long time. Problem, reaction, solution. They cause the problem, you react by fighting each other, then they offer the solution of peace but it requires taking some of your rights away.

“If you people don’t wake up to what is going on to the agenda that is being pushed around you, then you’re going to get blindsided.

Our comment: 

That last comment is actually a pretty good analysis of the phony class-struggle scenarios America’s Marxists have promoted for decades. Bizarrely enough, we now see this relentless societal disruption played out even in the largely commoditized razor business. It seems the radical left feels compelled to politicize every damned thing we know, see, eat or use. And they’re doing a great job setting one American against another. This is only the latest infuriating example of a fake social crisis. And it’s something the average American needs to confront and reject.

The surprise counter-commercial just put out by Égard Watches, is one approach. It effectively strikes at the very heart of the left’s false class struggle dogma. It simply tells the truth about most men, wrapping its message in a sympathetic, professionally designed advertising package.

Sure, like all ads, Égard’s pitch manages to make at least an indirect case for buying the company’s product. But its approach  here is what’s known as “suggestive selling.” The company’s ad cum PSA is not one of those immediate-decision, point-of-sale commercials. (“But wait! There’s more!”) After all, you don’t necessarily need a new watch today. But you might need one tomorrow. And now, you’ve heard of Égard.

Normal, every-day American guys are sick and tired of getting dissed by Marxist fanatics and their toxic feminist fellow travelers just for trying every day to be the best that they can be for their families, friends and communities. If they chance to view the Égard ad today, they’ll likely think about purchasing an Égard Watch whenever their current timepiece decides to give up the ghost. It’s one small but effective way to #ResistTheLeft. The other? Boycott Gillette.

— Headline image: Video still from Égard Watch commercial, via YouTube.


Terry Ponick

Terry Ponick

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