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Coronavirus lockdowns: The latest coup attempt against Donald Trump

Written By | Aug 23, 2020
coronavirus lockdowns, coup attempt

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Image slightly modified to fit CDN format.

WASHINGTON –  As longtime residents of the Washington, D.C. area will likely remember, the fast-declining Washington Post did its level best to give newly elected President George W. Bush the same kind of ruthlessly negative treatment it’s given all GOP presidents since Nizon. At least. Marxist politics dictates this once and future Post approach. Social and economic turmoil are their ultimate objectives. And all this comes to bear in the latest of several coup attempts against Donald Trump. This one involves our current, neverending and entirely unnecessary coronavirus lockdowns.

First treating Bush as a complete moron, the paper shifted the nature of its attack after the shocking events of 9/11. Given the national outrage over the Islamic terrorists’ brazen, murderous plot to destroy the US economy if not its entire government structure, the Post came up with another plan.

This article is Part I of a 2-part series following the ideological decisions behind this latest coup attempt against a legitimately, constitutionally elected president.

Propaganda against America and the GOP: WaPo offers a useful model

After Bush launched his Global War on Terror (GWOT), first in the remote reaches of Afghanistan where terrorist organization Al Qaeda was hanging out; and then in his administration’s unconventional new War against Saddam Hussein, the Posties brushed off a tactic they’d experimented with back in the Vietnam War. They started devoting full pages once or twice a week to posting color photographs of the brave US soldiers who’d been killed in both conflicts.

Every time they had a sufficient satchel of deceased GI headshots, they’d run 2,3,4 consecutive pages of them as often as possible. The Post’s claimed to honor those brave American dead. But their real purpose was to graphically and personally keep logging the body count, just like the media did during Vietnam. The aim?  To eventually pile up visual carnage to repel more average Americans to join the opposition movement against Bush, the GOP and “their war.” Just like the TV and newspaper media they did against LBJ in 1967 and 1968.

During Bush II — another “illegitimately elected” GOP presidency, he Post and others in the media used Iraq and Afghanistan body counts to build their left-wing opposition movement. As they did with anti-war stories on network news and in the print media during Vietnam, the Post meant to use its periodic A-Section waves of  dead GI pix to help insure Bush’s ouster in 2004. Barring that, they hoped the tactic would lead to a new Congressional majority for the Democrats leading to that party’s recapture of the White House in 2008 in case their 2004 gambit failed. Which it did.

In the Great Recesson, Marxist politics got an undeserved economic shift

With a timely assist from the crushing Great Recession (2007-2010 by my reckoning), which conveniently piggybacked on Election 2008, the Democrats ultimately got their wish. The managed to elect their unvetted, stealth Marxist presidential candidate Barack Obama into the White House. This quickly led to the ideological weaponization of the Federal government against its own citizens. The main feature of this current Deep State effort against middle class and poor Americans involves the current, ongoing and almost entirely irrational coronavirus lockdowns that are killing the Trump Economy and destroying the lives of a majority of hardworking American citizens.

Today, in 2020, we’re feeling the full force of this seditious undertaking. We watch in amazement and horror as paid communists Brownshirts burn down the vital businesses and individual entrepreneurs that once helped make America’s great cities even greater. These people cannot build. But they are experts at economic destruction. And do-nothing Blue State governors, mayors and Soros-funded DAs are guaranteeing that these well-funded, well-organized and suspiciously well-equipped Jacobins will continue to gut city after city with impunity.

Coronavirus lockdowns: The latest and most elaborate coup attempt against Donald Trump

Miraculously for the Democrats, the invasion of Covid-19 materialized this yea. It promptly threw a monkey wrench into the fastest American economic expansion of all time. One that was on the verge of propelling the latest GOP Great Satan, President Donald J. Trump, into a dreaded (by the Democrats) second term.

The initial invasion of the virus turned major cities like New York into viral slaughterhouses. This was due, in part, to the density of the urban population, particularly that of New York. But it was also largely due to the feckless, disjointed policies of that state’s governor and NYC’s Communist mayor.

The growing crisis was worsened by the cavalier “policies” of New York’s fashionably Marxist mayor Bill DeBlasio. It was further exacerbated by New York Governor Cuomo’s shoehorning of seriously ill coronavirus victims into nursing homes. This colossal blunder exposed NYC’s and the state’s most vulnerable population to a disease that proved fatal in that demographic. The death toll spiked horrendously. But Cuomo was still able to save himself. This shameless governor shifted the blame for the debacle on the Trump Administration. Forget the fact the administration had bailed Cuomo out in the first place.

The coup attempt against Donald Trump was beginning to metastasize. The coronavirus gave them one last chance to unseat the President by using lockdowns to destroy his economy.

The pandemic spreads, largely due to Blue State bungling

The coronavirus outbreaks in New York and Seattle (which also mismanaged its treatment of nursing homes) rapidly spread to other large urban areas. This led the Federal government to encourage an estimated 2-4 week lockdown period for individuals and businesses. The lockdown was initially designed not to stop the inevitable spread of this pandemic. It was designed to allow hospital ICUs to adapt and expand to treat a potentially huge influx of coronavirus patients. Lockdowns would end once the availability of ICU units for severely ill patients could get up to speed. The media never bothered to explain this to the average American.

So what happened? The brief-lockdown tactic worked. ICUs ramped up and the government enormously increased spending on the pandemic. Spending plans included the accelerated search for a vaccine. This grudgingly bipartisan legislation went out of its way – even in a badly divided Congress – to alleviate the economic suffering for average Americans who’d lost paychecks.

So why is seemingly the entire US economy — including the once robust Trump Economy — still locked down months later?

Led by ideologically driven Blue State mayors and governors, we are still enduring the now 6-month long (and counting) personal, economic and educational coronavirus lockdowns that only Stalin or Mao could admire. The ongoing results are as expected. The perpetual lockdown and mask edicts crushed the Great Trump Stock Market Rally in March. Businesses closed, many for good. Small businesses, in particular, were put to economic death. Major retail outlets have already filed for bankruptcy. Much more of this personal and economic destruction could launch Great Recession II. That latest anti-Trump coup attempt is well underway.

Coronavirus lockdowns: Your personal and economic misery is a feature, not a bug

But for the left, this is a feature, not a bug. It is what the Communists Democrats and the media have fervently prayed for since their Russiagate and Impeachment games failed utterly to dislodge Donald Trump from the White House. The current crisis finally offers them something they can “credibly” blame on president Trump. Better, it helps conceal their latest coup attempt. Which currently includes all those countless  but highly suspicious coronavirus “case” numbers. Numbers that are grossly misleading but politically useful.

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So what we’ve been getting instead, day after day, is the current media’s version of what the Post pulled back in the Bush 2 administration. Instead of pages of photos of the coronavirus dead, we’re now getting ever spiraling “coronavirus victim” counts. Or “cases.” The highest in the world if not the universe!

And best of all, we’re getting plenty of them from the Red States. The media claims these states foolishly and stupidly re-opened their states way too early. But their per capita death totals remain well below the totals in New York.

Again, leftist propaganda and Marxist politics at their worst.

But do “cases” tell the true story?

Next: It’s time for rational people to ignore the official coronavirus narrative.

– Headline image:  Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with
Image slightly modified to fit CDN format.



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