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CDC says ‘Masks on!’ Today: ‘Stocks off!’ as unsettled science zaps market

Written By | Jul 27, 2021
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An Al Goodwyn Cartoon – the side effects of COVID mismanagement

WASHINGTON – US stock markets dropped like a rock today, likely courtesy of the Horrible Dr Fauci and the politicized, leftist, fascist idiots currently running the CDC. And all of Washington it seems. Thought you were done wearing masks because you behaved like a good little citizen and got the vaccine? Well, think again. Looks like the all-seeing, all-knowing Carnacs in the CDC are about to decide it’s “masks on” time again. Which was Mr Market’s cue Tuesday to turn stocks off. Unsettled science tends to do that.

“They’re heeere.” And “They’re baaaack” again

Looking back, does any trader or investor of a certain age remember that 1982 chiller of a film, “Poltergeist”? Or its 1986 sequel? Even if you don’t, you probably remember this franchise’s surprisingly potent PR hook, taken right from the ongoing plotline. An online fan site takes you back to the future.

“‘They’re baaaaack!’ squealed the little girl … in the 1986 movie about evil spirits invading a suburban home. Her cry – the follow-up to her original “Poltergeist” announcement of ‘They’re heeeere!’ – became the crux of the movie’s marketing campaign.’”

That frightened little girl was referring to those shapeless fiends that emerged from her family’s TV screen. But today, it’s the essentially useless CDC, which, after promising America’s good little grown-up boys and girls that if they behaved nicely and got the vax, they could once again live a mask-free life.

CDC’s Covid poltergeist is “baaaack.” Virtue-signaling and unsettled science return…

But now “they’re baaaaack!” Both the CDC and its abominable – and essentially ineffective – mask mandate. At least in certain parts of the company. This dismal but predictable move by the unelected Washington regime promptly whacked last week’s slowly building recovery rally from the earlier beating markets took when the Feds started hyping the dreaded “Delta Variant.”

ZeroHedge admirably takes up the rant from here. (Bold text via ZH.)

The New York Times has confirmed (with its sources) that the CDC is expected to recommend on Tuesday that people vaccinated for the coronavirus resume wearing masks indoors under certain circumstances, reversing a decision made just two months ago.”

News you won’t hear on MSLSD… via ZH

But wait! There’s more!

“As recently as last week, an agency spokesman said that the C.D.C. had no plans to change its guidance, unless there were a significant change in the science. The CDC plans to provide a media update on the pandemic at 3pmET.

“‘I think that’s great,’ said Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious disease specialist at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York.

“Based on what scientists are learning about the Delta’s variant’s ability to cause breakthrough infections, she said, ‘this is a move in the right direction.’

“Well, [notes ZH] we are happy someone is pleased that the nation is taking a step back towards Einsteinian insanity.”

Maybe this time unsettled science will work?”

masks on, CDC says, unsettled science

Legendary Mexican wrestler Mil Máscaras in 2009. Via Wikipedia entry on the wrestler. CC 2.0 license. Credit: “requiem.” See link after article.

ZH provides a useful chart (below) showing just how “effective” the CDC’s Mil Máscaras regime has been over the past year wrestling with whatever version of the novel coronavirus that happens to be floating around your neighborhood. Mil Máscaras was far more effective on his opponents than mostly useless anti-Covid masking was on the novel coronavirus.

masks on, CDC says, unsettled science

Covid mask influence on cases, charted March to March of the Plague Year, showing little effect on the number of actual cases during the masking regime. See text for details.

The dotted line (top of the chart) indicates the initial rapid adoption of nationwide “masking.” It shoots up rapidly, then plateaus. And that’s where masking stays until the end of this past March.

But note: Once the masking plateau occurs, masking appears to zero effect, positive or negative, on the actual number of Covid cases. Cases head sharply up, then sharply down, even though everyone (statistically) is supposedly wearing masks, at least most of the time.

In other words, there was, in the end, little discernable effect in preventing the spread of the virus during the March 2020 to March 2021 Plague Year. It did what it pleased, which is what real viruses do. And then, it morphed, which is what viruses also do. Which is what Covid-19 will continue to do from Epsilon variants to Zeta variants and beyond.

Value added mask theory masks the real truth

To rub it in a bit more, Zh’s Twin Tylers supply this interesting tweet from the oft-maligned (but oft correct) Alex Berenson:

Cheap masks really have minimal effect. But maximal negative effect on morale, plus stocks and bonds as well…

Since masking ends up having little effect, what the hell are we doing in this country? The “masks on” regime is ineffective, demoralizing and serves more as an “obedience” or “virtue-signaling” identifier than it does an effective disease spread prevention method. Except when those legions of Antifa thugs wear them. But that’s another story, so never mind.

Worse, any new mask “mandate” signals that we’re still desperately vulnerable to death and destruction without the long, Invisible Hand of the Federal government bureaucracy. It signals that businesses might have to shut down again, that people might lose their livelihoods, that the economy may collapse again, and that we’re all as vulnerable as hell unless we let our now thoroughly evil Uncle Sam take over our freedom of choice in all things.

For our own good. Because the CDC says so.

Next stop: Unsettled science leading to fear and economic chaos?

This vague but ugly scenario is more potentially real than most Americans might think. But investors in the stock market generally pull back when they see weird things going on that they fear they can’t control.

So Tuesday’s markets, while not exactly crashing, are getting hammered as investors sell off stocks and bonds in particular as the Federal Reserve is weaving invisible masks of its own fiscal devising.

ZH, in the aforementioned article seems to agree that the market’s reaction today is really an over-reaction.

“…markets – particularly bond markets – are too fixated on the potential economic impact of the Delta variant.”

But that said, why ever give markets anything to overreact to in the first place?

A top-down MMT economy?

And as Congress not-so-stealthily adopts the dubious, weird, but AOC-endorsed Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which essentially means running the Treasury’s printing presses until all-Democrat Washington can declare all its supporters as “infrastructure” and distribute enormous amounts of inflating dollars to them to reward that support. Without worrying about inflation.


You can just see the Marxist-Socialist advance as it encroaches on every aspect of American life, and what you see is not too good, nor is it encouraging at all. Mr Market, as represented by those who invest with him, can see it, too. Bonds are getting hammered today. Ditto, Big Tech, which aside from the fascistic major “social networks,” has been hammered from its once-high perch again and again since our current hologram president took over on January 20.

Don’t gimme no bad news… or unsettled science…

As in the insurance business, the market abhors uncertainty. And Wall Street, in addition to this writer, see nothing but Marxism, subjectivity, false narrative threads and poor monetary, domestic and international policy on the two-year horizon.

This nonsense now almost certainly will lead to a major bout of inflation, unemployment, domestic unrest, and a growing distrust of Federal and local governments. With Antifa and BLM out there to take advantage, you know the rest. Not good. And investors are getting very, very nervous.

Where will Mr Market go in H2 2021? An educated guess…

Markets will likely remain very dicey throughout the rest of 2021 as bad policy; continuing Pelosi-driven, highly partisan, Stalinist-patterned “January 6” show trials against essentially innocent patriots; and nonstop media conspiracy narrative weaving drive what could be a permanent wedge between major constituencies in this country. Constituencies that had once gotten along despite their differences.

It’s probably time for most investors – including this one – to pull back from all but the most stable investments at this point. In a rudderless nation like this one, run by a crazed political party with no “mandate” at all to pass radical legislation, anything can happen and it will.

We thought we’d gotten all the Marxists, Communists and “fellow travelers” out from under our beds back in the 1950s. But, like “Poltergeist’s” TV people, “They’re baaaaaack.” If we can’t get them out from under our beds again, these evil spirits will emerge once again, this time to wreck Mr Market, the economy, and our cherished freedoms.

So let’s watch where we put our money in H2 2021, knowing now that our newly Evil Uncle Sam intends to take it all away from us. With unsettled science, no less.

Whatever your political persuasion, when it comes to what we do with our savings and investments, “Conservative” is the only word we know on Earth and it’s all we need to know.

Closing bell

US markets were off by at least a percentage point during the day. Many stocks partially recovered, although the Dow and the S&P 500 still closed off roughly 0.25% and 0.47% respectively. But the NASDAQ, as has been the recent custom, got pole-axed again, closing off 1.2% (over 180 points on the day.) Bonds also took a hit. Anyone’s guess whether the CDCs variable masks on “order” will keep stocks in the red on Wednesday.

  • Mil Máscaras image in text by “requiem.”


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