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Steve Wynn, Vegas tycoon, resigns from RNC for alleged sexual misconduct

Written By | Jan 28, 2018
Steve Wynn

Wynn’s company Mirage Resorts oversaw the construction of the Bellagio, which at the time was the most expensive hotel in the world. (Caption and image via Wikipedia entry on Steve Wynn, CC 3.0 license)

WASHINGTON, January 27, 2017: Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn is resigning from his post as Republican National Committee finance chair, following allegations of sexual harassment.  The Wall Street Journal first reported the news on Friday.

Wynn has been an influential donor to the Republican Party. He has made contributions to the RNC, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and President Trump’s inaugural committee.

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In its story, the WSJ interviewed several people who worked with Wynn in his casinos. The WSJ report says that some of Wynn’s employees, including massage therapists, are accusing him of harassment dating back several years. Wynn Resorts is reported to have paid $7.5 to an accuser of Wynn who claims she was allegedly forced into having sex with Wynn.

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn. Mirage Resorts, a Steve Wynn company oversaw the construction of the Bellagio, which at the time was the most expensive hotel in the world. (Via Wikipedia entry on Wynn, CC 3.0 license)

Steve Wynn later issued a statement to NBC News stating he was resigning from the RNC, and thanking President Trump for the opportunity to serve the GOP organization.

Wynn, however, has denied the allegations made against him, calling these allegations “preposterous.”

The board of directors of Wynn’s company, Wynn Resorts (symbol: WYNN), has formed a committee to investigate the sexual harassment allegations. For their part, the RNC has not named a replacement for Wynn. But RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel accepted his resignation, announcing on Saturday,

“Today I accepted Steve Wynn’s resignation as Republican National Committee Finance Chair.”

She spoke with President Trump upon his return from Davos, Switzerland to inform him of the decision.

As news outlets began reporting the allegations against Wynn Friday, shares of Wynn Resorts fell 10 percent in trading action on Wall Street.

Predictably, Democrats are calling on Democrat office holders to return Steve Wynn’s political donations and to terminate all ties with him while urging Republicans to do the same. The GOP as yet has not said whether the party or its officeholders would return their donations from Wynn.

However, RNC Spokesman Doug Heye has called for Wynn to go, hinting at other reasons for him to step down as well.

According to Forbes Magazine, Steve Wynn is estimated to have a net worth of $3.5 billion. He made his fortune over the years through his involvement in building and operating several popular Las Vegas casinos including the Mirage, Treasure Island and the Bellagio.

He later sold those casinos to MGM Grand, Inc.


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