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Antifa thugs, #BLM can’t stop US stocks in epic fail of planned revolution

Written By | Jun 3, 2020
Antifa thugs, #BLM

White House emergency fence, June 2, 2020. Image via anonymous Twitter photo.

WASHINGTON – Strangely, according to some on Wall Street, US stocks persist in playing nice with investors, even after a turbulent weekend of clearly well-organized and funded urban violence by the usual suspects: ANTIFA thugs and #BLM creeps. It’s all part of yet another chapter in the ongoing coup against the Trump presidency. And it’s the most concerted attempt to intimidate and potentially overthrow the US government. But stocks keep going up.

Yep, it’s another column today that interweaves politics with the stock market. Yet, what’s an honest columnist to do? Today, the machines move markets. And the machines follow the headlines, moving stocks to accommodate the day’s narrative. Yet why, right now, are stocks not plunging to record lows?

Antifa busts windows, kicks people, but not Mr Market

The answer to our previous question (at least for now)? The machines and their AI brains have somehow noticed that the insurrectionists’ “You’re all going to die!” message consistently produces the opposite effect on an increasingly fed-up electorate. Sure, we’re going to experience some scary market action from time to time this summer, if only because markets never reliably move up. Or, for that matter, decline.

But traders and investors are increasingly convinced that for all intents and purposes, we’re done forever with the Wuhan coronavirus shutdowns. And we’re on our way back to reclaim the Great Trump Rally we lost this spring. Everybody seems to know that the national lockdown really did work for the first 2-3 weeks, particularly in hard-hit major urban areas. But once the ICU and hospital infrastructure to deal with the disease on a worst-case basis materialized, it quickly became clear that we’d overreacted as a country to the threat of this virus.

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Even the massive hit of coronavirus cases in New York City, Chicago, Detroit and LA peaked fairly quickly. And that was essentially it for panic mode. Yes, people will continue to contract the disease. And old guys like me will continue to croak from complications from the virus on a random basis. And again yes, the virus will likely continue to pop up whenever it wants to, causing the media and their active, paid-for media terrorists to hit the panic button on all national newscasts and 24/7 on cable. But the “novel coronavirus” will soon become just another flu in the minds of most Americans.

Contrary to media lies, some medicines that treat coronavirus symptoms are already viable

Prophylactic medicines and other treatments have quickly become available to at least chop back at some of the virus’ more obnoxious symptoms. And with the vaccine gold-rush continuing to unfold in the pharmaceutical industry, we’re likely to see more than one reasonably effective vaccine before the year is out. So the Wuhan flu will just fade into the background like other kindred illnesses, whacking a few tens of thousands of deaths per year – mostly grandma and grandpa – no matter what anyone does. And there, you have it. Yawn.

When was the last time the nation rose up when one of our own annual flu vaccines didn’t actually work very well? Right. Doesn’t happen. We’ve incorporated these outcomes as yet another component cost of life in the 21stcentury. And besides, our elite political class, through its Obamacare death panel, still wants old people to check out of this world super early, so we can save Social Security without the need for Congress to do anything at all. Part of “The Plan” the left has for us?

America is ready to get back to living life the way we were. More or less…

Meanwhile, America is itching to get back to work. And 401(k) and IRA savers are ready to get back back to the Trump Economy and the resulting Trump Rally. That’s exactly what the left-wing elites – particularly those in Fancy Nancy’s House Socialist Brigade – do not want. Which is why blue states in particular are trying to prolong the national shutdown of everything. Even though the current overkill mode in some states has clearly run its course and overstayed its useful welcome.

Cloward-Piven, anyone?

Problem is, the Deplorables in usually Blue swing states like Michigan are having the gall to make these decisions on their own. They’ve chosen to defy their betters, who want them to go out of business forever in order to trigger the Cloward-Piven theory, turning us at last into a socialist one-party state.

But now that the lockdown is nearing Epic Fail mode, here come a highly-coordinated series of massive, well organized anti-GOP, anti-Trump, anti-American democracy demonstrations in nearly every small, medium or supersized American city that matters. (See map, hat tip to ZeroHedge.)

Antifa thugs, #BLM

Map of Antifa-led rioting, illustrating the extensive number of US cities hit. Image courtesy ZeroHedge.

Protests? Or riots?

These “protests” (really riots) seem meticulously designed to show how powerful these politically confused and often economically pampered punks are when compared to the thus-far feeble state, local and Federal government response.

Which in turn, they think, will cause voters to blame the GOP for the mess and hand the Senate and the Presidency back to the same a-holes who nearly ran the country into the ground during Obamanation. At this point, anyone with a brain who’s witnessed Pelosi’s feckless, ineffective and anti-American House clowns in action – a do-nothing House if we’ve ever seen one – should know that the Venezuelan Experience is coming to the States. And soon, should America’s Marxist, redistributionist excuse for a political party ever regain control of all three Federal branches.

It’s funny how a full-blown paramilitary revolutionary force suddenly appeared in every city that counts, with overwhelming numbers (mostly bought and paid for) calculated to confuse and overwhelm most police forces. Forces the media has taught all Americans to hate over the last 12 years or more. The “revolution” had been waiting all along, organized to the hilt with a firm yet evolving battle plan to kill America. All these terrorists needed was a shot, a signal.

For Antifa thugs and #BLM extremists, George Floyd’s tragic death was the perfect catalyst for “action”

And miraculously, as the coronavirus panic began to turn on the lockdown fanatics and as the designated victims began to defy their state, local and Federal governments, the late George Floyd’s tragic death fit the bill as just the catalyst Antifa and #BLM needed to launch The Revolution.

They inserted their patented violence and hatred into events and protests surrounding the untimely and absolutely unnecessary death, in Minneapolis, of George Floyd. Although autopsy results seem to vary as of this writing, it’s still likely that Floyd died the hands of an overzealous cop. Worse, that same cop has already been called on the carpet more than once for similar issues. Happily for the Antifa thugs and #BLM crowds, the cop involved in this fatal incident happened to be white. Perfect!

Since protests involving at least Minneapolis’ black community were bound to happen (and justifiably so), the Marxists saw their chance. They activated their already existing plan to cause a national insurrection by whipping up racial hatred. The resulting emotions were something that they could control, turn violent, but also obscure by insisting it was all as part of a “peaceful protest” in memory of the late George Floyd.

Instant revolution, sponsored by your friendly local Antifa thugs and #BLM brigades

And bang! The revolution was ignited with astonishing precision.As you can see on the map below, no reasonably sized US city was spared from the Antifa / #BLM violence. City cops were routinely outflanked and outnumbered by the leftist thugocracy. (A situation made worse by the denigration of America’s police forces, begun systematically under the Obama Administration.) It’s as if the revolution’s planners already had precise estimates of how many of their paid rioters it would take to overwhelm each police force.

The all-in left-wing media constantly preached that the resulting “protests” were “peaceful.” They said so even as their cameras filmed windows being shattered, buildings burned via mysteriously available accelerants, and a few cops getting run down in order to intimidate the rest of them.

All this, however, has nothing to do with the memory of George Floyd. George Floyd was just a necessary catalyst. His own family is trying to tamp down the violence, but an armada of Soros-funded thugs aren’t listening. Antifa thugs #BLM bigots and other leftist bottom dwellers are now well beyond George Floyd. He’d already served his purpose as the trigger, allowing these violent Marxist / Stalinist brigades to initiate what they’d been carefully planning all along. A violent revolution and another pre-Election 2020 President for Donald Trump and his Deplorables.

Where’s the outrage from the Democrats?

No Democrat that I’ve seen or heard from has said one word against this violence. Even though it rains down nightly upon  the citizens they supposedly represent. That’s because they don’t care. This is their latest blatant pre-election effort to sour the American public on President Trump. They believe they can effectively endorse the violent actions of the Antifa thugs and their #BLM friends to finally drive the President out of office in a new election. An election helped out this time via a mail order and “harvested” votes. As past-masters of stuffing ballot boxes, they likely figure these methodologies can assure those pesky swing states swing blue.

This endless political nonsense – Mueller, Kavanaugh, impeachment, coronavirus and now, come the revolution, and Russia, Russia, Russia – always had the intent of either driving the current GOP interloper out of the White House. Or, failing that, of bringing him down “legally,” while hampering his presidency 24/7 all the way.

So now the Democrat cowards passively endorse the ongoing violence and destruction raining down on a majority of key American cities, businesses and citizens by their fellow travelers, the Antifa thugs and #BLM bigots. They fervently hope it generates a Hoover-like hatred of Trump and the Republicans, driving them out of Washington entirely. Forever. Because they couldn’t do this themselves.

That’s why the Democrats love what the Antifa thugs and #BLM bigots — their very own shock troops — are accomplishing day after day. As gleefully reflected in the endlessly filmed, ruthlessly biased reports issued by the drive-by media.

More and more Americans see through this vicious street theater. And so does Mr Market

But Americans have been learning all this even as this carefully planned seditious charade goes bust. Even as the perps keep bleating Russia, Russia, Russia.

Traders, investors and Mr Market have already begun to see this. They see it for what it is, and they’re pissed. They’re betting on American democracy and on the only candidate this fall that can bring Mr Market all the way back and re-initiate the Great Trump Rally with a vengeance. President Donald John Trump himself.

And that’s why this market refuses to sink, rallying higher and higher despite the occasional heavy squalls. One by one, Americans are done with all this seditious crap. They intend to take their country back. They intend to take the stock market and their retirement plans back. They’re going to do so. And traders and investors seem to be betting on this outcome, despite occasionally weak volume on the exchanges. Harmonic political convergence can’t be far behind.

— Headline image: White House emergency fence, June 2, 2020. Image via anonymous Twitter photo.


Terry Ponick

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