The foolish consistency of Nibiru’s end of the world on 9-23

According to David Meade, our Earth will have a violent, life-ending encounter with a planetary body called Nibiru on the 23rd of this month. At least it would stop Antifa.


WASHINGTON, September 17, 2017 — David Meade is really into numbers. The numerologist is convinced the words in the Bible have numeric values that form a code, which astute translators can use to foretell future events.

David Meade.

According to Meade, our Earth will have a violent, life-ending encounter with a planetary body called Nibiru on the 23rd of this month.

A similar collision is believed to have occurred 4.5 billion years ago between the early Earth and a Mars-sized object called Theia. The Earth-shattering encounter tossed our planet’s fiery mantle into orbit, forming a ring that eventually coalesced into our moon.

Scientists believe that the irregular orbits of planetary bodies in our solar system suggest the existence of a gravitational influence of a yet undiscovered planetary body in orbit around our sun. Astronomers call this mysterious body “Planet X.”

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According to Caltech researchers, Planet X is a “Neptune-sized planet” with a “highly elongated orbit far beyond Pluto,” with “a mass about 10 times that of Earth.” They estimate its orbit to be “20 times farther from the sun on average than Neptune,” taking “10,000 and 20,000 Earth years to make one full orbit around the sun.”

Immanuel Velikovsky.

In 1950, radical scientific thinker Immanuel Velikovsky proposed in his book “Worlds in Collision” that the planet Venus was ejected from Jupiter and passed by Earth to cause the cataclysms recorded in the Old Testament and handed down through the oral traditions of the globe’s aboriginal tribes.

Renowned physicist Albert Einstein was less than impressed with Velikovsky’s wild theory. He wrote to Velikovsky,

“I have read the whole book about the planet Venus. … However it is evident to every sensible physicist that these [ancient] catastrophes can have nothing to do with the planet Venus … without the total destruction of the Earth’s crust. Your arguments in this regard are so weak as opposed to the mechanical-astronomical ones, that no expert will be able to take them seriously.”

Velikovsky was certainly wrong about the catastrophic influence of Venus on Earth, but the Theia collision theory conceived by UCLA geologist Edward Young in the 1970s came after a careful study of moon rocks collected by Apollo 12, 15 and 17 astronauts.

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You may recall that Nibiru was supposed to have destroyed our blue planet in an apocalypse predicted by the Maya calendar for December, 2012.

NASA scientist David Morrison.

After receiving a note from a concerned 12-year-old girl fearful of Earth’s impending doom, NASA senior scientist David Morrison felt compelled to post a short video on the national space agency’s website:

“The simplest thing to say is just that there is no credible evidence, whatever, for the existence of Nibiru. There are no pictures, there’s no tracking, there’s no astronomical observations … First, if there were a planet headed into the inner solar system that was going to come close to the Earth … it would already be inside the orbit of Mars. It would be bright, it would be easily visible to the naked eye. If it were up there you could see it. All of us could see it.”

So, you ask, “Where is the evidence for the planet Nibiru’s existence that somehow escapes my lying eyes?”

Nancy Lieder.

Nibiru entered New-Age consciousness in 1995 thanks to Nancy Lieder, a woman who claims to receive messages from extraterrestrials in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

In a blog post made shortly after Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas coast, Lieder wrote,

“These contactees [Zetans] know what is coming, the pending passage of Nibiru with catastrophic impact during the Pole Shift. Many are bracing for the need to move to higher ground, to leave the coastline, but are unable to muster the finances or convince family to move.”

This New Age catastrophism is Mesoamerican mysticism dressed up in modern clothes.

Mayan civilization lived and died by its calendar. Some archaeologists theorize that constant warfare was the primary cause for the Mayan collapse. The Maya’s calendrical ceremonies demanded a continuous flow of human sacrifices to satisfy their bloodthirsty gods and ensure healthy crops.

They engaged in military campaigns to capture members of other tribes for purposes of ritual murder, which inspired retaliatory raids.

Is it any wonder, then, that the Mayan civilization did not survive its own calendar or the supposed approach of Nibiru?

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