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Former Clinton aide granted immunity in Clinton email investigation

Written By | Mar 3, 2016

WASHINGTON, March 3, 2016 – Bryan Pagliano, the man who installed Hillary Clinton’s private email server in her house, was granted immunity by the FBI in exchange for his cooperation. Pagliano also served on Secretary Clinton’s 2008 campaign.

FBI officials are expected to ask why Clinton used a private email server while she served as U.S. Secretary of State and whether other users were aware they were communicating using a private server.

FBI agents will be interviewing Clinton in the coming weeks. The announcement comes as Clinton appears to be the expected Democratic nominee for President. The prosecution has not issued any subpoenas to gather testimony or documents.

Both the FBI and Pagliano have remained silent on the investigation. Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon released a statement following the announcement saying, “As we have said since last summer, Secretary Clinton has been cooperating with the Department of Justice’s security inquiry, including offering in August to meet with them to assist their efforts if needed.”

Fallon also praised Pagliano for cooperating with prosecutors after previously invoking his Fifth Amendment rights during a congressional panel last fall. Clinton had previously encouraged Pagliano to testify before Congress.

The FBI is working to determine whether a crime was committed and will look at the “potential damage” had the classified information in the emails been exposed. The final decision to charge someone with a crime, would fall to Attorney General Loretta Lynch who told Congress that the investigation is being handled by career independent law enforcement agents, FBI agents and independent attorneys within the Department of Justice.

Top officials believe that General David Petraeus’ actions were more severe than those of Clinton and her associates because Petraues lied to the FBI and his classified information contained secret code words, names of covert officers, and intelligence capabilities. Prosecutors charged Petraeus with three felonies including violating the Espionage Act before he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information.

Larry Lease

Lawrence Lease is a conservative commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy. Lease previously served as a volunteer with the human-rights organization International Justice Mission in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Follow Lease on Twitter, Facebook, and soon Blog Talk Radio.