Update: Darren Wilson, officer in Michael Brown shooting speaks (Video)

Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson

FERGUSON, MO, November 25, 2014 — Since his name was released details about Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed the unarmed teen were slow to emerging. Tonight, we know that he has not been indicted in that killing. And he has spoken to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos:

Officer Darren Wilson has been a police officer for six years, two of them in Jennings, a city in St. Louis County, Missouri.

At the age of 22, Wilson joined the Jennings police force and appears to have transferred over to the nearby Ferguson station at the age of 24. Wilson still appears much more youthful than he does in the only previously released photos.

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According to MailOnline, Wilson did not have an easy childhood.

He grew up in the predominantly white neighborhood of St. Peters, a suburb of St. Louis. His mother had three children from at least two different men. The major problems Wilson had to deal with growing up were not the revolving door of relationships his mother had, instead, it was how she made her living.

His mother, Tonya Durso, was a serial con artist. She would befriend neighbors and then steal their identities taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans and credit card debt.

Durso was caught in February 2001 when the bank told her that she could not deposit any more money into her account because her crime had been detected. The bank had notified the police.

According to public records, Wilson’s mother pleaded guilty to six counts of forgery and one count of theft in St. Louis court.

At the time she was already on parole from another incident in 1998 where she had pled guilty to a different six county of stealing.

The following month, at the age of 35, Tonya Durso died. Darren Wilson would have been 16 years old.

Today at 28, Wilson lives in a different predominantly white suburb of St. Louis, Crestwood.

Records show that his home is valued at $180,000 and is described as a bungalow with a pool and a basketball court.

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In February, Officer Wilson received a commendation for “extraordinary effort in the line of duty” and occasion that his father posted photos of on his Facebook page and commented that he was “very proud of his son”.

Regardless of seemingly having lived his life in mostly white neighborhoods, an unidentified friend of Wilson’s told MailOnline that Wilson preferred to patrol in the African American neighborhoods of St. Louis instead of the lower crime areas.

At an early press conference Police Chief Jackson described Wilson as a quiet man and an excellent officer.

The police chief offered very little additional information on the officer other than stating that Wilson did receive facial injuries from his confrontation with Michael Brown on August 9, 2014.

The chief also described Wilson as “absolutely devastated. He never intended this to happen” at the same press conference.

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  • Damon Arial

    Thank you so much for posting this. The first picture I’ve seen of the man who murdered Michael.

    • Damon, murder is a legal term and that can only be determined or assigned by a Court of law. Yes, Officer Wilson did shoot Mr. Brown, but that is all we know. The truth will come out – but until then, lets not rush to judgement.

      • Chester Earl

        Shooting a unarmed teenager 6 time including in the face and head is murder in my opinion, even if you are hiding behind a badge. …

        • Hiding behind a badge? I’m willing to bet you have 0 experience in emergency response or law enforcemeng. I can tell you from personal experience as a firefighter/emt that situations can go south very quickly. I’ve seen patients who we were trying to help errupt violently threating the safety of me and my crew. Are you trying to say that you’re adrenaline wouldn’t be pumping if your life was in danger? You have no idea what happened that day, who are you to pass judgement before without due process.

          • JCNow

            I don’t fu[q]ing care about how much adrenaline you had pumping at the time you decided to discharge your weapon six times into the body of a fleeing person. Murderers also oftentimes talk about the adrenaline rush they felt right before the murder. If he was such a great police officer he should have been able to restrain his actions in the line of duty. The reality is he’s probably a card-carrying member of the Ku-Klux Klan.

          • BayouBengal

            Don’t you have a bridge to be lurking under?

          • ars2nd

            He was not fleeing. He was shot facing the officer. Actually, charging the officer. You really think a 300 lb man would flee by running backwards?

          • sissy

            You are being ridiculous. Your statement makes as much sense as destroying your own neighborhood in anger

        • B.J.D

          Here’s a tip that will really serve you well in the future: stop being a dick.

          • Chester Earl

            How was I being dick

      • JCNow

        He shot him in the back. There’s no justification for shooting someone who is retreating. At minimum this is second degree manslaughter. Wilson needs to be behind bars for a long long time.

        • Strange because both autopsies show that all shots hit Brown in the front not the back.. if he were running away most the bullets if not all would be in the back. Further more you speak as if adrenaline is a good feeling, while it can be in certain situations like riding a roller coaster, I can assure you in this situation it was more of a fight or flight type of reaction. The story keeps changing as new evidence emerged though. First hes a gentle giant, then hes a thug who assaulted a store clerk. Then they say he was running away but now from the autopsy it appears he was not running away possibly even charging towards the officer. None of us including yourself know what exactly happened that day. Who are you to make these kinds of judgements?

          • BayouBengal

            Don’t bother feeding the troll.

        • ars2nd

          JC, it must suck to be you. Tomorrow or the next day you will finally hear that the fragile young boy was NOT shot in the back. You will be so embarrassed for having said otherwise. Then you will learn (as those who have paid attention already know) that he was charging the officer after having assaulted him, moving away and then coming back.

          You will be embarrassed again as you think about what you wrote and how very wrong you were. You will be so embarrassed when you realize that all of your posts were wrong because you fell for the false narrative upon which your posts were based.

          JC, it must suck to be you.

        • Strom Thurmond 2016

          Well, when the cop took the hide to the taxidermist, they said the holes were in the front and had to be patched so the holes won’t show too much when he gets it mounted.

          What kind of pose do you suppose he will mount it in?

          Standing naturally, or in 4 pieces: Head on the wall, hands as ashtrays, and hide as a rug?

          Either way, it will look better than it did alive.

          • sissy

            Your not helping and your disgusting!

        • JerryMitchellATL

          Autopsy shows HE WAS “NOT SHOT IN THE BACK”.
          Perhaps you should watch another channel besides AL (pass the drugs) SHARPTON.

          But, this just proves you believe EVERYTHING your LYING “Activists” say.

          • mums

            Well, um, it does show he was shot 6 times, two times in the top of the head. You must be jones-ing…you keep talkin’ about drugs. Who are the “LYING Activists”? Are they the ones passing the drugs? Quit ranting…your lunacy is showing.

        • candofeminist

          Witnesses can lie. Autopsy results do not. All shots were frontal. Follow the path of the bullet that entered near the shoulder of the right (dominant) arm and traveled into the chest wall. Proof that his arm was at his side and not held up over his head when that bullet was fired.

        • ars2nd

          Just checking in with you. Turns out I was right and you were wrong. So, are you embarrassed for making such ridiculous and unsupported accusations?

          Read my reply to you from 4 months ago. It must suck to be you.

    • janderson2000

      Not murdered…brought to justice.

    • JerryMitchellATL

      That’s the way to BE JUDGE JURY, AND EXECUTIONER.

      And then you say you want “JUSTICE”???

      That’s not JUSTICE…that’s MOB MENTALITY speaking, and, NOT TOO CHRISTIAN EITHER!!

    • lettruthspeak

      Michael is dead because of poor choices. He was ignorant in his actions toward this officer. You don’t have all the facts, but I realize truth is not a necessary element to ridiculous people such as yourself. Switch the colors of Michael and Darren and you have a non-story, you know it as well as I do. Get over your pathetic self-pity.

      • JCNow

        Fact it. Wilson acted as judge, jury and executioner. He overreacted based upon his inherent bigotry, and executed a man in broad daylight. And now he’s whining and crying and groveling on the ground like the despicable coward he is. May he receive the exact level of due process that he afforded Michael Brown and not one iota more.

        • LittleMsLiberty

          What would you be saying if Michael had choked the poor store owner to death or had been allowed to tackle and pummel the police officer until he was no longer breathing – Michael chose to be judge, jury and executioner? He was a criminal….sad, but true.

        • D Rock

          The dash shows the truth. In true bully form, Brown acted as though the cop wouldn’t defend himself. It’s that simple.

        • ars2nd

          JC, it must suck to be so racist that you care not what the truth is. You stand up for a thug just because you share his skin color. Do you also share his criminal habits? Do you not think that a white man can be righteous in shooting a black, ever? The cop was about 170 lbs, I think. I weigh in at 215. If a 300 lb guy attacked me, I would definitely shoot. And shoot and shoot, until either he went to the ground, or my Glock was empty. By the way, that is exactly why I carry.

        • lettruthspeak

          You’re displaying your stupid. That is all.

      • Bob

        “Michael is dead because of poor choices.”
        How can you make such a conclusion if we do not have all the facts as you have said?

        “He was ignorant in his actions toward this officer.”

        Again, how do you know? Where is the evidence supporting your conclusion?

        Cops are not always the good guys, at least in my experience, and police brutality has been on the rise.

        I don’t know if Michael charged the officer or ran away, but I will make that conclusion when I have more evidence.

        • lettruthspeak

          Because he decided to rob a store, and if you think for one second that this police officer shot this person down like a dog in the street, with absolutely no provocation then their is little help for you. I know cops aren’t always the good guys, but common sense dictates what so many idiots refuse to acknowledge about what really happened here. Our citizenry has been so cowed by leftists jackholes into not stating the truth about anything anymore that as a nation we have become paralyzed against saying what needs to be said. Evidence is for a court room. This man made very poor choices, and he is no longer here because of them. That doesn’t mean he deserved to die, but when you are approached by an officer, and he asks you to do something, you do it. Period. Unless the officer is committing a crime himself, which before this shooting occurred, there is quite simply no evidence of. Someone with a cell phone recorded witnesses at the scene, and unfortunately for the black bigots, the person said that Brown charged him. That was someone stating what they saw without the benefit of being censored because he didn’t know he was being recorded at the time, and he was black. Now let’s deal with that reality, shall we.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            But several other people said that Brown was 30 feet from the officer with his hands up when he was shot. I don’t believe the charging story, because it really dosen’t make any sense when you really thin about it. There was more than one witness, you know

  • Sierra

    I am more concerned for the riots and looting. That is not a peaceful protest and is a reflection of the people in the town which does not help. The people need to let officials conduct their investigation and be supportive and respectful of the family who lost a loved one. I don’t think it is fair to call the police officer a murderer or any other names when he was just doing his job in protecting the community and keeping it safe.

    • JCNow

      Yes, well officials conducting their investigation was so very very helpful in the murder of Trayvon Martin, right? The problem is the bias that is obviously present within the Ferguson and St. Louis police departments themselves. This was clear from Police Chief Jackson’s first comments, in which he recited the officer’s version of events as fact, even though the investigation had barely begun. The riots you see are a direct reflection of the lack of due process that blacks have received in this country for generations.

      • LittleMsLiberty

        You might ought to listen to the Police Chief….he had the benefit of seeing the dashcam video before he made comments. His version of events seem to be ringing more truth than the lies created by the looters, rioters, protestors, Main Stream Media and the witnesses who came out after first “discussing” things with the NAACP. Michael Brown’s death is another tragic loss, but it came down to him or the police officer who was only doing his job. The police officer had the right to protect his life!

        • shakti75

          Except for the fact that there is no dashcam.

          • LittleMsLiberty

            And how do you know that….I haven’t heard that fact.

          • shakti75

            According to Ferguson’s police chief.

            “When those interactions go terribly wrong, as was the case in the shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown, it seems logical to ask: Where is the video?

            There is none, Ferguson’s police chief said.

            Thomas Jackson says his department has 18 patrol cars. This spring, the department purchased two dashboard cameras and two wearable body cameras, but the equipment hasn’t been installed because the department doesn’t have the money to cover that cost, he said.”

            Edited to remove cnn link, since that seems to be preventing my comment from actually getting posted.

          • LittleMsLiberty

            Thank you….I hadn’t heard that. It’s too bad – dashcam could be very useful here.

          • donna

            hahahah! There was no dash cam honey! There also was no robbery. There was no orbital fracture either. Half of what you see and None of what you hear….

          • LittleMsLiberty

            Well, you seem so sure of yourself….let’s see where this ends up. I can wait….

          • RAM

            FOS, again. There WAS a robbery. Face it.

          • IamGillian

            Not in Ferguson. You’re making assumptions again.

      • Doubleutf

        It’s interesting that you can remember Trayvon Martins name as he was killed by an alleged racist, yet I bet you can’t tell me the names of the thousands of young African Americans who were killed on street corners across American by other young African Americans since Trayvon was gunned down. Everyone screams at the top of their lungs when a white cop shoots a black male, yet I’ve never heard one pep out of Al, and Jessie about African Americans black on black murders that happen every day.

        • donna

          YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! Just because the media does not broadcast theses rallies and marches, that does not mean that they are not occurring. They occur daily. Did you know that ex-cons stand on street corners in most of our inner cities to discourage young men from killing each other? Did you know that ex gang members visit schools to encourage children to graduate and make something of their lives? These events and many more like them are buried on the back pages of our newspapers, and you don’t know about them because they are not broadcasted on FOX News.

          And for your information, Al and Jessie lead some of these marches.
          Every Christmas Jessie Jackson visits the Cook Country jail to
          encourage those detained to turn their lives around. Many Saturdays I
          have spent in meetings at PUSH headquarters discussing the violence and the over incarceration of black men as well as the men who have lost 20 or more years of their lives in jail for crimes they did not commit..Jessie and Al are only two of the many Black men and women who have stepped up to solve this problem. I don’t know the “everyone” you are referring to, but you appear to only know the names of two black people, the two who are no longer the center of the Black struggle for justice and fair treatment. Jessie Jackson is 72 years old.

          Can you tell me the names of every white child killed by another white child? There are thousands of senseless white murders every year as well. And we have some horrific black on white crime and white on black crime as well. In Peoria, IL four white kids mutilated two black boys in a sick and heinous manner. Poor kids commit crime. It is poverty, not race that predicts criminal behavior. What does any of this have to do with a family’s cry for justice?

          You heard something and you are parroting it as it it is a fact and without understanding the entire story. The Black on Black crime in the the inner city to which you are referring is a direct result of our country’s war on drugs policies that imprisoned the fathers of many of these boys FOR PROFIT. While the 1% raked in the profits from the prison industrial complex, these boys replaced their fathers on the streets, growing up harder and meaner than their fathers ever were. But do not think for one minute that black people condone or ignore this violence or any other violence that takes place in this country, including the mass killings of our white children by mentally ill gunmen, which are occurring monthly in our schools and colleges. We are capable of emotions other than anger, in case you did not know that.

          Black on Black murders are DECLINING rapidly in every city around this country. As Michael Brown’s mother said, we are fighting to keep them in school only to watch them cut down, unarmed in the street by people who claim that they are afraid for their lives. We are winning the battle and we are still losing the war. Give us a break!

          • LittleMsLiberty

            Donna….you seem so angry. Don’t you think that might effect your outlook on things. I would love to just sit and have a cup of coffee with you and discuss this topic and politics, but I feel like you would just yell at me. I try to be open-minded. You are the one on the front line of this war….and I applaud the steps you and your community are taking. But how can you say Michael Brown didn’t commit a robbery – he practically choked a man that was only half his size for a case of Swishers. He wasn’t the good kid or ‘Gentle Giant’ he was made out to be. You know, there are bad kids – both white and black. And Michael Brown looks, at the very least, like a BIG BULLY!!!

          • IamGillian

            Who did not deserve to die because he wasn’t
            “an angel.” Until the trial, we cannot be certain of what went on beforehand. The only certainty is that Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown. The grand jury will determine what comes next in court. The petit jury, if there is one, will determine Wilson’s guilt … if any.

            The argument sounds an awful lot like “she was wearing a short skirt and was no angel, so of course she was raped.” It was her own damn fault. Yeah, right.

          • mums

            “Donna…you seem so angry”??? You’re not open-minded, you’ve already claimed to think Michael Brown wasn’t “the good kid” (from what “we” know so far). You don’t know nothin for sure. Swapping out Trayvon’s Skittles for Michael’s Swishers doesn’t fool us.

          • LittleMsLiberty

            I can’t fool anyone around here…

          • RAM

            She’s a typical angry black woman.

          • LittleMsLiberty

            BELIEVE ME!! If I thought Michael Brown was the good kid he was made out to be….I would be marching right next to you. I just don’t think – from what we know so far, that he was.

            There are much younger children shot and murdered every night in Chicago that DESERVE our attention far more than Brown!!!! We should be shielding those kids EVERY NIGHT!

          • RAM

            FOS, you are.

        • mums

          what the hell??? Everyone knows Trayvon Martin’s name. What’s your point? You haven’t heard a “pep” from Al because this involves law enforcement. Public Safety. Got it?

      • ars2nd

        Yes the officials investigating the shooting of Trayvon Martin did an excellent job and did not arrest Zimmerman as all evidence and witness testimony supported Zimmerman’s self defense claim. It was only after Crump got involved (the same Crump who is now involved with the parents in this case) and all the race baiters that the State brought the charges for political reasons. Zimmerman was found not guilty and the local police were exonerated by that verdict.
        In this case no charges will be filed and the DOJ will not file charges either.

        • mums

          And that don’t make it right.

          • ars2nd

            Not sure what “it” is. But if you mean that an investigation that shows no illegal act “don’t make it right” to not file charges, you are just crazy. In Wilson’s case, he was compelled to attempt to arrest Brown, after Brown assaulted him and tried to take his gun. (At least 2 felonies.). If Brown charged Wilson, Wilson was within his rights to shoot at Brown until he stopped coming forward. If Brown was not moving toward Wilson, then Wilson should be indicted. The evidence leaked by Holder’s DOJ, would indicate that the “hands up, don’t shoot” story was just a big lie made up by his criminal partner, Johnson. If in fact Wilson was trying to talk to them about the strong arm robbery, Johnson could be charged with Brown’s murder.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            No, it wasn’t a lie—at least 6 of the witnesses said they saw Brown holds his hands up just before he was shot. And why the hell would anybody al of a sudden charge an officer espeically after they had just gotten shot? I’m calling bull**** on that,straight-up.

      • JerryMitchellATL

        Where did all this HATE for Cops in Ferguson comes from? FACT: “THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A POLICE SHOOTING THERE”. Yet, they would have you believe this happens EVERYDAY in Ferguson.

        Can you say; “Creating Racism Where It Never Existed Before”??

        While a tragic death occurred, there is no PRIOR incidents to show that Ferguson PD is Racially Motivated to KILL BLACKS. This is the first time such an incident occurred there, UNLIKE “CHICAGO, DETROIT, NEW YORK CITY, L.A. CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, etc”.

        Like I said…it is TRAGIC, but, certainly not RACIALLY MOTIVATED, as no such incidents existed in Ferguson before this.

        Yet, according to AL (pass the drugs) SHARPTON it’s going on there everyday…..and now, a Previously “PEACEFUL TOWN” has been turned into “WATTS” overnight, all because of RUSH TO JUDGEMENT, rather than “LOGIC, REASON, & FACTS”.

    • knowname

      The police waited for 4 hours until they took Michael away, waited days before they released the officer’s name, and are now removing their name tags from their uniforms. These are the same officials you want to continue and investigate this murder? They seem like they’re hiding answers more than helping.

      • jim

        what they had to do a crime investigation you dodo.

        • charlesC

          Why must some, resort to PERSONAL attacks via name calling? So sad and truly uncalled for.
          FYI: Some information could have been disseminated much earlier–per Dr. Baden and other authoritative individuals.

          By the way…please explain the “removal of name tags” on cops’ shirts???!!!

        • lola

          Right, but a fair one. An objective one. One that doesn’t counsel with local KKK.

      • charlesC

        You are right. And this, is truly VERY SCARY!

      • DIsgusted retiree

        It wasn’t the uniform police who left him lying there, it was the Crime Scene Investigators and the detective in charge of the case. I can see itnow if they had covered him or moved thebody, the black community would be up in arms claiming cover up. Just which way do they want it, a full investigation or a hurried up look?

    • donna

      Looting… or the taking of a life? I am more concerned about the lost of an 18 year old’s life.
      I agree we should not call the Officer a murderer, but we also should not shield him from the consequences of his actions as if no human being was involved.

      The police has, on two occasions, impugned this dead child. First labeling him a robber and never exonerating him when investigation proved he paid for the cigars and a customer who misunderstood what occurred in the store, called and reported a robbery.
      They also announced that Brown had weed in his system, a totally unnecessary revelation which does more to indict Wilson than Brown, because weed causes passivity, not aggression.

      • mums

        Oh, he’s a murderer alright. They always play the “weed” card. The hell with autopsy reports, forensic analyses, eyewitness testimony. All they need is a trace of THC in the blood and a bag of round, fruit-flavored candies to justify homicide.

    • rayboyusmc

      Doing his duty is your opinion. There are too many things wrong with the whole investigation. There needs to be a civil suit just like with OJ.

  • kj

    We support Officer Wilson & his family. Thank you for doing your job.

    • knowname

      Yes, I’m sure you’re thrilled that you support a murderer.

    • sdca

      We support Officer Wilson!


      so do i thank you also.

  • JCNow

    I would suggest that Darren Wilson receive the exact amount of due process that was afforded to Michael Brown and not one smidgeon more.

    • D Rock

      Switch the races and there would probably be a party instead of rioting in the streets. You sound about as ignorant as the hoodlums participating in the riots and looting….which makes a whole lot of sense. How does that make any sense in the “fight for equality”.

    • D Rock

      All Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ought to be arrested for insighting the riots also… That had to have fueled the fire.

  • Ridiculousness

    Why don’t we all find out EVERY piece of information about the author of this article and post her home, family upbringing/dynamics, current family, children, medication she is taking, mental health evaluations, education, etc. for all the world to see?? This article serves no purpose.

    • Dicklittle

      Susan L Roth oughta be ashamed for writing such a biased left wing liberal article. Makes me wanna puke. I hope if you are ever in need of a police officers help u get the karma u deserve.

  • GodHatesCommies

    Officer Wilson was a good man pursuing a career in law enforcement despite his rough childhood.

    Michael Brown was just a thug.

    Of course, in typical left wing fashion, people rush to the side of the thug.

    • Todd

      Officer Wilson is the son of a thug and was raised on fraudulent money. Despite his bad childhood as an adult he had succeeded in a career in law enforcement. Michael Brown was a child who was pursuing a career by starting college. Now he can never become an adult or successful. His opportunities have been taken away unjustly.

      • Proveit

        Brown was no child. I think you misspelled Criminal. Brown who “was” going to get arrest for Robbery would have been kicked out of school and sent to prison for his crime.

      • david watkins

        Facts remain the same young mike brown commited 2felonys before he was shot dead

        • Uncommon

          Everyone knows the punishment for a felony is 7 bullets… duh…

      • candofeminist

        We need heating and air conditioning technicians so I commend Brown on his choice of career. He was planning on going to a Vocational Technical School (NOT a four year college). That being said he was just 18 and as I recall at 18 people are capable of acting immature and making foolish fatal mistakes. Assaulting an officer and trying to grab his gun is suicide by cop. Fists in someone so big ARE a weapon. The “Knock Out Game” has proven just how seriously a powerful punch can injure someone.

    • sdca

      We support Officer Wilson!.

    • mums

      Careful, your prejudice is showing…in your last sentence. “typical” “left” “thug” … I don’t know how much more bigoted your diction could be.

  • isabel

    Don’t think anything positive comes out of riots. Don’t think Michael Brown deserved to be killed over walking in the mid street or for theft – There are other types punishments for that. Officer Wilson
    mother was of bad character herself.. She was punished for her many thefts not killed.

    • JerryMitchellATL

      Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

      Would you be PLEASED if Darren Wilson’s MOTHER WAS EXECUTED?
      Not to mention….NONE OF THAT IS RELEVANT to this case, unlike the VIDEO OF “BIG St. MIKE” ROBBING & ASSAULTING A CONVENIENCE STORE OWNER within “10 Minutes” of ASSAULTING Officer Wilson while he was SITTING IN HIS CAR.

      Facts are very hard for RACISTS to handle, aren’t they?

  • JerryMitchellATL

    “Rush To Judgement” is TONE set in Ferguson….

    Where did all this HATE for Cops in Ferguson comes from? FACT: “THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A POLICE SHOOTING THERE”. Yet, they would have you believe this happens EVERYDAY in Ferguson.

    Can you say; “Creating Racism Where It Never Existed Before”??

    While a tragic death occurred, there is no PRIOR incidents to show that Ferguson PD is Racially Motivated to KILL BLACKS. This is the first time such an incident occurred there, UNLIKE “CHICAGO, DETROIT, NEW YORK CITY, L.A. CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, etc”.

    Like I said…it is TRAGIC, but, certainly not RACIALLY MOTIVATED, as no such incidents existed in Ferguson before this.

    Yet, according to AL (pass the drugs) SHARPTON it’s going on there everyday…..and now, a Previously “PEACEFUL TOWN” has been turned into “WATTS” overnight, all because of RUSH TO JUDGEMENT, rather than “LOGIC, REASON, & FACTS”.

  • Andreas Meyer

    Hello Darren!

  • anthony

    take out all the trouble maker,s

  • tkayvegas

    Seriously, how many times does the real story have to be the total opposite of what really happened before the media decides to hold on to the last threads of their creditibilty and wait for the full story???? What a joke….

  • Jesse James

    How do you know his mother was a con artist? Where are your sources? Court documents?

    And until you have all the facts, who are you, Spike Lee? What, you going to text where he can be located?

    What does the history of his mother have to do with the shooting? Are you going to testify in court? Are you insinuating that her history is what led him to shoot a teenager?

    Are you next going to write an expose on why it is a black, very large teen, was allegedly stealing cigars? Perhaps ou could dig up dirt on his parents?

    This is why most of us who are smart, wait the many months it takes for the real facts to come out. Not listening to brain washed opinion piece hacks posing as journalists, looking for the next free ride to a promotion.

    No journalistic integrity at all.

    I got news for you NBC, make sure you have the facts traight. Because when the people whose butts you are trying to kiss no longer care, they won’t save your career if you are shown as a fraud looking to lie her way ahead of the game.

  • Negishi Sissies


  • DIsgusted retiree

    When I read that 50 percent of Fergusons total funding is by way of traffic tickets I saw what the problem really is. The force has one officer for each 400 residents (about 100 family units). The latest estimate is there are more than four arrest warrents for each residence in the city. Little wonder the people have nothing but hatred for the police. The police department is a festering sore that relys on traffic tickets to hird more officers who write more tickets etc.etc. if this city would stop the rediculous traffic ticket problem they could probably reduce the force to a size capable of serving and protecting rather than what they have which is “to serve and ticket”.

  • Tandricus Thomas

    Before you make this Officer look like a good guy do your homework first: The Washington Post

    The small city of Jennings, Mo., had a police department so troubled, and with so much tension between white officers and black residents, that the city council finally decided to disband it. Everyone in the Jennings police department was fired. New officers were brought in to create a credible department from scratch.

    That was three years ago. One of the officers who worked in that department, and lost his job along with everyone else, was a young man named Darren Wilson.

    Some of the Jennings officers reapplied for their jobs, but Wilson had to many citizens complaints that prohibit him for rehire. Wilson got a job in the police department in the nearby city of Ferguson.

    • J.K.

      I see where you are coming from, but before posting this accusation you probably need a credible source, where did you get your source from because other news agencies (not so reliable nowadays) say no prior discrepancies were noted from Officer Wilson to include his duty at Jennings PD. Before you make Michael Brown look like a good guy look at his recent robbery of a store clerk that he just pushed around. The source of that is a video camera from the store.

  • Jhonathan Knuth

    So he was acquitted on the indictment by a jury. What does that say for the Ferguson community?

    First off the media is making it look like some sort of discrimination case, it isn’t. Obviously Michael Brown was wanted in connection of a robbery and hence the initial confrontation that day. But officer Wilson approached it all wrong I think, he payed for it by receiving life threatening wounds to his face. So now post incident. Ferguson is going to be a mess for awhile, and for those who looted and gave false statements during the investigation (slowing the process) to the Ferguson PD, should all face justice.

  • 1bestdog

    Does anybody proofread their work anymore?

  • Spirit Equality

    Referring to White neighborhoods as “low crime areas” is a misnomer. Since we don’t know how many crimes are being committed in any neighborhood, just the number of arrests, a more proper designation is a “low arrest area.” Since self-reported polling indicates that Whites commit drug-related crimes at a much higher rate than Blacks, but are arrested less for it in arrest statistics, the natural assumption one could make is that White neighborhoods are only low arrest areas because cops like Wilson would apparently rather patrol in Black neighborhoods and arrest Black people.

  • RAM

    Wilson got what he deserved, no indictment, and Brown got what he deserved.

  • Shut You Down

    Eighty four percent of white people are killed by white people yet you don’t hear anyone on here mention that. How can you talk about another race when you are not very far behind them? It is pure ignorance and denial to me.