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Pig the Tourist: A children’s book about travel review

Written By | Feb 7, 2020
Pig the Tourist, Children's book, Travel, vacation

February 7, 2020, Laurel, MD – We’ve all been there. The tourist. Whether it’s a vacation or a trip to visit family or friends, it is common for something to go wrong. We’re lucky when it’s only a minor problem. Then there are other times where one problem can lead to a cascade of vacation disasters. While painful at the time, these often make entertaining stories later. Pig the Tourist is exactly that kind of story.

Pig is a pug. Pig is going on vacation, and he has a reputation for being a problem at home. As expected, Pig causes all the vacation plans to fall apart. The text of the story talks in general terms about all the ways the troublesome dog ruins vacations, while the pictures tell the full story. Audiences hear of he breaks traditions and taboos, how he ruins the mood and creates devastation. Meanwhile, the picture provides the details.

Vacation Disaster!

Pig is spotted causing chaos at famous monuments. He knocks the head of the sphinx, he snatches a headdress from a dancer at Carnival, he knocks over the Queen while chasing her Corgis, and he topples the leaning tower of Pisa. His behavior is so bad that the animals of the Serengeti chase him off.

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After all the bad behavior, he disregards a no swimming sign. That choice teaches him a lesson when he finds it’s full of piranhas.

This is a great book to share with children who have an upcoming trip. It helps show how bad behavior and not following rules can ruin a vacation for everyone.

Pig the Tourist, Children's Book, Travel, vacationA Favorite Children’s Author

Author and illustrator, Aaron Blabey is a familiar fixture on children’s bookshelves these days. While Pig the Tourist is his latest in the Pig series. He also wrote Piranhas Don’t’ Eat Bananas, I Need a Hug and a list of other children’s books. This one is just as entertaining as the others.

Pig the Tourist by Aaron Blabey was published by Scholastic books on February 4, 2020. It is recommended for children 3-5. It available as a hardcover picture book and an ebook. ISBN: 9781338593396

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