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Stories by Susan Samakow

Susan Commander Samakow, PCC, is a Certified Business, Life and Leadership Coach. Susan focuses on life and career transition, business and leadership, and confidence and resilience strategies. Susan is also a speaker and facilitator, as well as a Community Content Producer for WUSA 9 TV. She is the former president of the ICF Metro DC Chapter, the largest in North America. Susan’s clients are individuals, any size business and the government. Visit Susan’s website: Susan is on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.
rethink, regroup, rebuild

Rethink, Regroup and Rebuild, both for now and for the future  

WASHINGTON – The first month of 2021 is now behind us. Looking back, what I found interesting in 2020 was how fast that year seemed to pass. A great many people worked remotely and remained at home in general, and most business activities shifted to video calls. As a result, many thought the year would ...