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Originally from Los Angeles, Stephen Z. Nemo has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.

Trump and the liars, damned liars and Republicans inside the beltway

President Trump has certainly done more than so-called principled conservatives, like McConnell or McCain, have been able or willing to accomplish in more than a decade.
USS Indianapolis

Finding the USS Indianapolis in Philippine waters

After suffering years of mental anguish, Captain McVay committed suicide in November of 1968 using his Navy-issued sidearm.

Steve Bannon: And you’re out at the White House

Steve Bannon helped Trump capture the imaginations and votes of Americans, pushing him past President Obama and his Democrat’s no-growth, no-jobs policies.

The new America: Finally, a true confederacy of dunces

America’s posterity are undeserving louts. A highly educated confederacy of moral and intellectual dunces.

Liberal woman, the vote and the reign of orgasmic totalitarians

Since women tend to have lower incomes, they benefit more from various government programs that redistribute income to the poor. And they like socialism because of it.

Charlottesville and a new kind of historical reenactor

Trump is embroiled in a phony controversy, one that claims he is responsible for the bloody outcome of a demonstration in Chancellorsville, Virginia.

Let’s make little Kim choke on his nukes

The UN says NoKo “used food as a means of control over the population… knowingly causing prolonged starvation,” despite the US sending them millions in food aide.

NOKO, Democrats’ unfinished business and nuclear brinkmanship

Whether Trump is forced to clean up Truman’s unfinished North Korean mess with China’s saber-rattling ally, is up to actions of NOKO's rotund little dictator.

Dennis Prager strikes a sour note with Santa Monica symphony

'Joy, beautiful spark of the gods … All people become brothers, where your gentle wing abides.' Whatever Beethoven sang about, Santa Monica musicians aren't buying.

The GOP’s great curse: Progressivism

Wisconsinite James Hulsey told Paul Ryan, “We [Republicans] have a majority in the House and Senate and it feels like nothing’s getting done." Lots of people are getting frustrated.

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