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Stories by Shirley_Husar

Shirley Husar is an urban conservative freelance writer and CEO of, Political Activist, licensed real estate agent, Co.Founder/CEO of, a tech start-up and 2016 Surrogate for President Donald Trump for the state of California. She is also 2016 delegate for the 27th Congressional District, consisting of Pasadena, Altadena and other cities. Residing in County of Los Angeles California. Appointed by the 38th California Governor, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger to the position of Governor Appointee Board Member for The Geologists and The Geophysicists for the State of California Governor – Appointee Board Member served for 4 years. Server as a California Republican Party Delegate, RNC Delegate for 2004 and 2017. Follow/contact Shirley via: YouTube,Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Served as a California Republican Party Delegate for 10 years and was an RNC Delegate for 2004. Follower Shirley at Twitter, Facebook and her blog, Urban; The National known Hip Hop Republican TV and Hip Hop

Lufthansa introduces an app to improve customer satisfaction

WASHINGTON, December 30, 2014 — Sadiq Gillani, the Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Lufthansa Group Airlines, is on a mission to end nerve-racking user experiences with air travel. Gillani has developed a new application, available for both iOS and Android cell phones, aimed at improving the travel experience for those flying on Lufthansa. “Lufthansa’s ...

Kashkari supporter attacks Urban Game Changer at California GOP convention

LOS ANGELES, October 3, 2014 — On September 20, 2014, Sara Kamiab, a supporter of GOP candidate Neel Kashkari, hijacked an interview on the floor of the California GOP (CAGOP) convention, overtaking the positive message of Black Urban Game Changers. Please note that the following video does contain foul language not suitable for children. Kamiab ...