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Rich Stowell is a writer, a teacher, and a soldier. He dares you to visit him at Facebook.com/RichLikeMe.

Trump’s greatest weapon is a myth: There is no “will of the people”

In short, there is no “will of the people,” and certainly not one determining what political parties ought to be doing.

What Utah tells us about the 2016 Presidential Race

Trump needs 58 percent of the delegates still up for grabs; the GOP's winner-take-all primaries make that not just hard, but improbable.

The GOP bloodsport ain’t over yet

This primary cycle is still very much up in the air.

Trump and Obama: Birds of a Feather

Just as Barack Obama was able to strike a chord in the electorate because of dissatisfaction with President Bush eight years ago, Trump is rising as reaction against Obama.

‘My Fellow Americans’ and Obama’s other empty words

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 25, 2015 – Americans have their president. But their president doesn’t have them. On the heels of Hope and Change in...

2003 Iraq invasion looms large in presidential politics, ISIS strategy

The world may be looking to the US, and a newly elected president next year, for leadership in the fight against ISIS.

Scoring the GOP Debate: Why Ted Cruz won in Milwaukee

SALT LAKE CITY, November 11, 2015 — Teachers use rubrics to help grade assignments. They are good tools to help quantify a qualitative judgement....

The reason Netanyahu got that thunderous applause

So those cheers in the House? They were partly pomp that accompanies any major public display in the Capitol.

Remembering Fallujah Part 3: Urban combat is hell

The battle was an intense exercise in stamina and patience.

Obama the Immodest: How pride ruined his party

The president’s problem is that he cannot conceive that anybody would ever disagree with him.

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