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Stories by Paul Mountjoy

Paul Mountjoy is a Virginia based psychotherapist and writer.

Can energy drinks kill?

WASHINGTON, January 21, 2014—Questions regarding the possible negative health effects of energy drinks continue to surface, as drinks like Red Bull, Monster and Relentless are blamed for heart problems, seizures, inaccurate ADHD diagnoses in children and even death in some cases. Twenty-four-year-old Mita Duran was a hardworking copywriter in Thailand. Duran often bragged of her ...

The truth about fibromyalgia and vitamin D

WASHINGTON, January 20, 2014–New studies prove vitamin D to be a critical factor for fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) pain abatement and confirm multiple determinations that FMS is a physical disorder. Recent research indicates that vitamin D, a hormone found in bones, muscles, immune cells, brain cells and every receptor, may be a piece in the larger ...

Is this year’s flu deadly?

WASHINGTON- January 16, 2014—This year’s flu is on-track to be one of the worst in recent history. This flu, called A-(H3N2), arrived earlier this year than any year over the past decade and has already reached pandemic levels, with active cases in 47 states. The peak of the disease generally comes in February, so the ...

Proof of heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey

After reading Alexander’s book, one is left with wonder, doubt, hope and caution; pretty much as before reading his book. Is there a life, a Heaven or Hell, after death.