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Stories by Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.

CBO: Obama’s policies will slow economic growth over the next decade

WASHINGTON, February 4, 2014 – The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a nonpartisan federal agency that provides economic data to Congress, just released a report on the federal budget and the economic outlook for the U.S. It essentially says that the economy is in worse shape than forecasters thought, primarily because of expected slower growth. While ...

Obama’s great con-game with America

WASHINGTON, January 30, 2014 — President Obama’s State of the Union speech was not a serious piece of presidential oratory. It has been called “flat” and “banal,” and it was, but worse than that, it was disingenuous. The president has tried to convince us that helping the lowest income earners is more important than promoting job creation. ...