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Stories by Mary Fanning Alan Jone

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Dr. Jerome Corsi, Mueller target speaks out after court hearing

WASHINGTON: Today, Dr. Jerome Corsi affirms that he believes that he was illegally targeted by surveillance technology. “Do you believe that you were under surveillance?” Contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery alleges that the Obama administration used an illegal surveillance system to spy on Donald Trump. Corsi believes he is the victim of the same system. Corsi says: “I believe ...

Exclusive: Obama’s coup d’etat docs prove illegal surveillance coverup

WASHINGTON:  Senior FBI and DOJ officials involved in the Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation were part of the team investigating whistleblower Dennis Montgomery. Montgomery claims that Obama administration officials illegally spied on citizen and candidate Donald Trump. Among those Montgomery identifies are CIA Director John Brennan and the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Dennis Montgomery is ...