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Stories by Mark_Nowakowski

Dr. Mark Nowakowski is a composer whose works have been performed across the United States and Europe. He holds five degrees in various music concentrations
Voices of the Empire - VoE

Eastwest’s Voices of the Empire: New software instrument review

Eastwest’s Voices of the Empire (VoE) is available both as stand-alone software and as part of Eastwest’s cloud subscription service. While we are generally not fans of cloud based services in this column, Eastwest is an exception. Their subscription package is absolutely the best deal on the market.

Hollywood Choirs splash page.

Hollywood Choirs by Eastwest: Reviewing a new virtual instrument package

The available sonic resources in Hollywood Choirs allow users to craft soundscapes running the gamut from a close-mic’d dry sound to the most ethereal European sacred music cathedral atmospheres, aided by new Impulse Reverbs on board. For inspiration alone, these sounds are worth having at your disposal.